Thornless Blackberries

I love blackberries and have nostalgic memories combing the hedgerows of my grandparents farm picking these lovely soft fruit in autumn. Prickles didn’t seem so much of an issue back then, but as an adult, and foraging vast quantities for jam making and freezing, it’s not long before you’re covered in scratches. But I have an answer – thornless blackberries!

I’ll be honest; I’d never really thought about blackberry cultivars.… Continue reading

Don’t Forget to Keep Sowing | Growing Radishes, Carrots and Beets

Growing radishes is extremely easy and very rewarding, especially if you’re partial to that scrumptious tart taste these great vegetables.

One of the most important things to do for any vegetable garden is remembering to sow successional crops. Without this, you’ll get a glut of crops early on in the season and then be left with woody carrots, tart radishes and beet’s so hard not even boiling makes them… Continue reading

The Beauty of Foxtail Lilies

It’s a new month, a new day and, yes, I have a new plant love. This time in the form of the beautiful foxtail lilies (Eremurus). I’ve been aware of these plants for several years but always thought them difficult to grow – I have no idea where I got that idea. Anyway, that’s besides the point, when I was shopping last autumn for bulbs I… Continue reading

Shade-Loving Veggies and Herbs | Infographic

So, we all have issues with shady parts of our garden, right? And many of us – including me – struggle with what to plant there, especially if it’s shady and dry. The folks over at eReplacementParts have made this great infographic showing that, actually, there’s a lot we CAN grow in these areas. In fact, plants like chervil, ginger and rosemary will thrive!


Enjoy a Traditional Autumn Daisy in May with Alpine Asters

I’ve gotta say, I love alpine asters. When you think of asters, your mind probably leaps forward to late summer and autumn borders filled with those bluish, purple and pink daisy flowers. They’re a great late-season plant, though mine have always tended to get mildew. HOWEVER, if you want to enjoy this flower in spring, head out and get some alpine asters because these little gems are flowering NOW.

Check… Continue reading

Book Review – The Thoughtful Gardener

If there’s one book that’s come into my life in recent times that I’m inspired by it’s ‘The Thoughtful Gardener‘. Jinny Blom, quite honestly, has packed everything into a ‘style’ book here that I’ve ever wanted. I mean – seriously – the cover reflects the garden design ideas I aspire to in a nutshell.

   Flip to any page in this beautiful gardening design book and you’d be… Continue reading

Carnivorous Plants | Gorgeous Sarracenia Flowers


I’ve always loved carnivorous plants, but I never expected to see these stunning sarracenia flowers. When I was a boy, I remember keeping a couple of venus fly traps. I poked and prodded and killed the poor things eventually. I mean, there’s only so many times a plant can tolerate a rough child’s fingers. Now, however, my husband has grown quite a collection and we’re A LOT more careful… Continue reading

Book Review – Urban Flowers


Gardening seems to have become more popular and, dare I say it, even on-trend over the past few years. Certainly, people old and young are paying more attention to their health and so the vegetable side of growing has seen a spike. Ornamental gardening, meanwhile, has also piqued more interest, though I’m unsure whether that’s because it’s cooler with the younger generation, or that I’ve just hit that mid-thirties… Continue reading

Growing Oak Trees | First Signs of Life from Sown Acorns

One of my dreams is to plant a new wood. Trees are SO majestic and beautiful, never mind their essential role in oxygenating OUR world so we can actually live. One of the fields at Brimwood Farm borders a local wood, but I want to extend that woodland into the land a little so there’s some wood to call my own. The pit has trees, there are plenty of mature… Continue reading

9 Tips for Having a Bountiful Carrot Harvest

It’s a very busy time of year, and there is LOADS going on in the garden. If you’re growing carrots at home (seriously, it’s NOT as hard you think), I’ve got some great tips from Tina Martino on how to maximise your harvest.


Many gardeners put off growing carrots, assuming that these early spring vegetables are for those with more experience. Root vegetables, including potatoes and… Continue reading

Spinach and Lettuce | Transplanting Veggie Seedlings

It’s the time of year when seedlings are taking over. Conservatory tables, windowsills, and greenhouse shelving is ALL covered in trays of germinating plants or young, tender seedlings. In an attempt to deal with this problem (or just my growing issue in general) I decided it was time to sort out my spinach and lettuce plants and spend some time transplanting veggie seedlings.


This year… Continue reading

Six of the Best Climbers For Your Garden

If you saw Friday’s video, you’ll know that I have a terrible fence that is in dire need of replacement. But it’s old and traditional, so I can’t simply pull out the old panels and slot new ones in; no, the entire thing needs to come out. Well, I honestly have better things to spend my money on and so I’m looking at hiding it instead. And, though I’m trying… Continue reading

3 Seeds to Sow in April | Kale, Pumpkin and Spanish Flag

Not only cannot I believe we’ve made it to April, but I’m also staggered by the temperatures today – it’s been a balmy 18/19ºC here in Essex. As a result, my thoughts have been primarily on gardening and, in particular, three seeds to sow in April. Primarily, my focus will be on kale, pumpkin and the beautiful annual Spanish Flag, though I’m sure a few extra seedlings will slip in.… Continue reading

Wooden Garages: Advantages vs Disadvantages

We’re lucky to have blazing sun at the moment, and to be honest, it feels like early summer rather than spring. When those back-doors are flung open again after the bitter, damp winter, the warm, fresh air seems to revitalise everything. Thoughts often then turn to new plants, landscaping works and possibly even the addition or replacement of sheds and garages. Done right, these garden structures can actually add… Continue reading

Monday Magic – White Narcissus

I’ve never been a huge fan of daffodils. I know they’re an icon of spring, and that many people consider them a bright, gaudy naff-off to winter but I think they’re just that – bright and gaudy. However, in the spirit of planting some spring bulbs and attempting to bring much needed colour to the March/April garden, I popped a few white narcissus into the flowerbeds last autumn. And, I… Continue reading


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