52 Week Salad Challenge – Homegrown Food

I am no cook, but I do like some scrambled eggs after a work out. There’s nothing quite like popping down to the coop to gather some freshly laid hen-fruit; you don’t have to spend a penny. Now, with the 52 Week Salad Challenge, I also have the means to indulge in a little side portion of greenery.

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The amazing thing is though, you don’t even need a garden to grow salads. My current crop is coming from washing up bowl, filled with multi-purpose soil and placed on the windowsill. I’ve sown new seeds every couple of weeks to get a succession of salads. Now that the bigger plants are growing well, you can easily remove several leaves without damaging the plant, and with many more plants coming up, there’ll be salad for weeks to come.

Washing up bowl, soil, salad seeds…it’s all you need

Get yourself a washing up bowl, a few salad seeds and a couple of hens and, hey presto, one free and easy meal!

3 Responses to 52 Week Salad Challenge – Homegrown Food

  • VP says:

    A washing bowl! Now why didn’t I think of that?

    Is that still the speedy mix or have you gone on to other mixes now?

  • I’m still doing the speedy seeds. They’re actually brilliant and I’ve done, erm, nothing with them…even left them for a weekend and the soil was bone dry when I came back. They looked happier than every before. Highly recommend!

  • Gillian says:

    VP said exactly what I thought – why didn’t I think of that. I sowed salad and spinach in the greenhouse under the staging. The lettuce have all given up and the spinach is very slow. Presumably, not enough light and the soil is still too cold. Back to the drawing board – I need a new washing up bowl anyway, looks like I now have a use for the old one.

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