Monday Magic – Cordon Tree Flowers!

Spring. Isn’t it marvellous? A hint of warmth and some rain, and the garden comes rushing back to life. It seems as if there’s something new to discover every day. Over the past few weeks, buds and leaves have begun to open and then, today, I discovered cordon tree flowers!


When it comes to fruit trees, I’m a total amateur. I know how to prune only through managing my clients’ trees; often huge, misshapen things that haven’t been managed properly for years. But, starting fruit trees from scratch, particularly cordons, is completely new to me.

I must admit; it’s not started too well. The first tree was an apple which had grown a little too large to be planted straight out as a cordon. This meant some heavy pruning had to take place. Then, a very dry year and lacklustre watering stunted it’s growth. I bought three more fruit trees from a cheapo store last year for £3.99 each – two plums and a pear. I planted. I watered. And then, in the middle of summer, I realised I needed to move the chicken coop which required transplanting two plums. Not ideal by any means. As you’ll note from the video, they both made it, but one is all-but useless now.

Still, I am thrilled to see flowers on the plums. And just as thrilled to note lots of leaves and buds on the pear and apple too. It’s too early for those to flower yet, so there is still time for buds to open and hint at autumn fruit. Then I’ll have to nurture the trees through the year and pay close attention to those fruitlets – I’m not going to get much, but I’d be happy with just one of each!

‘Tis the season to be excited. Now…to go and read more on cordons so I don’t muck it up.

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