Cutting gardens provide the perfect home-grown bouquet

I truly believe that to have a healthy mind, you have to invite the outdoors inside. This is relatively easy in the summer, when you can throw open the windows and doors and let fresh air bring life into your home. I don’t even mind if curious hen peeks her head in, or a bee gets slightly disorientated and takes a lap around the kitchen. Bringing flowers inside, or utilising houseplants on windowsills makes that passage between inside and out more subtle. But you don’t always have to head to the florist as some of our favourite blooms can be grown at home.

Cutting gardens were once extremely common, and remained the only way of really getting hold of flowers for colourful inside displays. Of course, as soon as modern technology arose, florists flourished, and they still thrive to this day with millions of people buying bouquets on a regular basis. Now, as people recognise the importance of bringing life into cities, towns and homes, awareness about the positive effects plants have on us is growing. Companies, such as Benholm – Floristry, now provide far more than a vase of vivid roses or scented lilies, but can create living walls, still life displays and colourful indoor planting landscapes. Okay – so great swathes of green on your walls might not be everyone’s ideal situation for their living roombut using the principles of living amongst plants is something everyone can do.

Beautiful lilies can be easily grown at home

Beautiful lilies can be easily grown at home

During the growing season, there are plenty of plants with stunning blooms that be grown at home, not only saving you the expense of a florist, but giving you the opportunity to go into the garden, snip some flowerstems and create your own displays. Lilies are one flower¬†photo (32)that cost the earth yet are ridiculously easy to grow. Coming as a simply bulb, they’re best grown in pots if you want to use them for cutting. Simply place them in a sunny position and then snip the stems when they’re ready to bring inside. Gerberas can also be grown at home readily. Alternately, you could substitute these blooms with flowers from rudbekia or similar species. Meanwhile, if you want to bring some greenery into the home, it’s best to stick with specific houseplants. One common mistake with Bonsai is that they’re kept inside. They’re still trees and are best grown on a bench or table outside where they can thrive. You can bring them in on occasion, but should ensure that they spend at least some of their life in the great outdoors.

We’re always going to need florists if we want fresh flowers throughout the winter months (though you can make some stunning displays with winter seasonal bloomers). But if you want to bring a bit of nature into your home, then starting a cutting garden, even if it’s a few containers of lilies and daisies, is an extremely rewarding experience.

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