Dahlia Shoots, Pak Choi and more February Sowing

Well, Storm Doris has passed over and left beautiful blue skies; the perfect opportunity to check for fresh dahlia shoots. It’s at this time of year when those tubers that have been wrapped up all winter start to respond to growing temperatures and put out shoots. They can’t yet be planted out because the frosts will zap them, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them. When the shoots get to an inch or so, you can consider potting them up and putting them into a greenhouse to grow on. This not only starts plants off well, but helps keep the slugs and snails off those delicate first few leaves.

Today was also the ideal day to sow some more seed. When spring begins to stir, it can become a little crazy for gardeners. There’s the common anxiety that you might miss something, that seeds won’t be sown in time and that you won’t have enough propagator or windowsill space to fit everything in. MAKE A PLAN! You don’t have to stick to it by any means, of course. But it allows you to have a clear focus on some main crops/flowers you want to grow. Anything else is an added benefit. So today, in line with my plan, I sowed the first basil seeds. But I also began some cucumbers, and am trying artichokes for the first time too!

Finally, the warmer weather has stirred growth in both the overwintering spinach and pak choi. Though a little leggy, they’re becoming sturdier plants and will soon be ready to transplant into the garden!

So, if you want to catch up with my dahlia shoots, pak choi and the latest sowings of seed, check out the latest video. 😀

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