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It’s the New Year, can you believe it? I think part of my difficulty comprehending that spring’s on the way is because we really haven’t had much of a winter. To start of 2014, I have a great great post from Oaktree Garden Design. They’re a Hertfordshire company serving London and the home counties, specialising in producing stylish and practical gardens. And, if you want to spruce up your space and make it more usable this year, then Oaktree Garden Design have some great tips.


Garden rooms are a fabulous way of adding square-footage to your home. While it may seem counter-intuitive to take up valued garden space, especially in gardens that are already quite small, there is the huge advantage of being able to enjoy your lovely garden while working, studying, or exercising.

Garden rooms don't have to be shed-like.

Garden rooms don’t have to be shed-like.

The issue when choosing a garden room to complement your home and much-cared for garden is that there is a danger of the room looking like a glorified shed. Although there is merit in really going for the rustic shed theme on the outside while having a hi-tech and modern interior, there are so many stylish and contemporary garden rooms available that there is no excuse for not having something that is a wow-factor and that has genuine potential to add value to your home.

Modern garden rooms are sleek, light, and can be made to measure to suit your exact needs, taking into account the space available. I particularly like these garden pods from Green Studios, which include windows in just the right place to make use of the natural light, and huge glass doors to really bring the outside to the inside.

Large folding glass doors are a brilliant way of integrating the inside of the room into your garden. This will not only maximise the light available during the day, but means they can be folded back in the warmer months giving an outdoor feel.

As modern garden rooms can be finished internally, you can integrate the new room by decorating the interior as you would a room in your home. Use floral décor, and shades of green to really push the garden theme. Custom-made canvas prints of your treasured flora and fauna hung in just the right place can compensate (a little) for the reduction in planting space outside. Even better, you can use pots to bring the garden right inside the garden room!

One amazing feature I have seen recently is to continue the external finish into the interior. For example, by having a decked area outside which you can match on the inside with wooden cladding. This makes the room appear like one long flowing building, which looks even better when paired with glass doors, whether they are open or not. This works particularly well with garden rooms which are not square – no-one said garden rooms have to be boxy! It’s well worth consulting a specialist designer who can use their experience to help you get your new room just right for you and your property. They will have lots of knowledge of what is possible, and will come up with ideas that you didn’t even think of.

Garden rooms can be a genuinely good way of adding value, space, and flow to your home. When you need that bit of extra space, whether it is for a home-office, or an art studio, then it really is something you should consider. If you have written off the idea of a garden room for fear of it being a cold, unwelcoming eyesore, then take a look at something more stylish and modern and see what is possible.

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