It’s a home-grown flower show year

The gardening year has a vast multitude of gardening shows to visit, and whether you’re visiting a local nursery with some show gardens or are enjoying the horticultural wonder that is Chelsea, you’re more than likely to get a few ideas. That is, until you get home and realise

‘Oh, this plant doesn’t really grow in the same soil as that one‘,


‘These two plants flower at completely different times of years. How come in the Chelsea garden they were both in bloom?

The thing is; when it comes to flower shows, much of what you see is a falsity. Plants have been pampered and preened, planted at the last minute and often grown in unnatural environments so that they’re in bloom at the right time.

photo (12)Having said that, 2013 seems to be shaping up to be a home-grown flower show in our own gardens. My foxgloves are WAY behind schedule, as are my alliums, but my red and orange geums are plastering every area of garden with colour.  I have wisteria and forsythia flowers out as the ajuga reptans and Welsh poppies throw up their buds. These perennial Welsh poppies are an absolute delight. They grow quickly so that even seeds that are scattered after the first flowers in May are capable of producing their own buds a few months later. They don’t die over the winter so you can actually plan out a bed with a degree of certainty as to where plants will be the following year. Though…this may be thrown into slight disarray by these poppies’ other benefit; their manic reproducing!

If you look at your own garden, you’ll probably realise that a lot of things are out of sync this year. Early flowering plants are dashing to catch up with themselves, causing them to burst into life at the same time as those plants more ordinarily in bloom at this time of year. It’s nice, for a change, to see that the British flower show façade is in our own backyards. Now, with summer almost certainly gone (there’s no need to sniff out the cynic in me), we can get on with the growing and slug squashing season….whilst drawing on this year’s shows for inspiration, of course!

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  • Joe says:

    Hello. I love these poppies, but just for info they aren’t Californian – they are Meconopsis Cambrica (the Welsh Poppy).

    • Geoff Wakeling says:

      Doh! You’re sooo right, Joe. Thanks for highlighting; that’s what comes from writing blogs late at night!

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