Meet the Passionate Gardeners among Celebrities

The Brits have always had a knack for gardening. While it used to be a favourite pastime for the seniors, it’s quite thrilling to see that gardening is now as trending as ever. Many of our celebrities, as well as some worldwide celebs, are fierce advocates of organic living and other eco-minded practices, such as using renewable energy resources and reducing the carbon footprint.
From TV hosts to royalty, here are some of the most famous green-fingered celebrities.


Between running her own network and magazine, Oprah has managed to turn 16 acres of her estate in Maui into a fully functional garden. Not only is she growing nutrient-rich veggies but she’s also producing 145 pound of food a week! What’s more, the food is intended for local distribution and use.

Oprah sees gardening as a metaphor for life. “In life, as on a farm or in a garden, we get out of it what we put into it,” the star was quoted saying.

Both Oprah and Prince Charles champion the growing of organic and nutritionally rich vegetables.

Prince Charles

As an outspoken campaigner for organic living, Prince Charles has been stressing the importance of gardening for almost 50 years. The now iconic photos of him in wellies holding a pitchfork almost made us forget that a number of old estate gardens all over the UK wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for his commitment and devotion.

Jake Gyllenhaal

This charismatic actor developed green fingers in his parents’ garden. As an active spokesperson for the Edible Schoolyard initiative, he’s no stranger to doing the manual labour himself. In fact, he finds digging through the dirt in his garden relaxing and enjoyable – couldn’t agree more!

Savannah Miller

The famous high fashion designer loves working in the garden. Her Gloucestershire home garden displays an array of sumptuous roses and lavender and is a child-friendly environment where her children can enjoy taking care of plants and flowers.

Lavender takes centre stage in Savannah Miller’s garden.

Michelle Obama

The former first lady of the United States certainly kept her green fingers busy in the White House. Not only did she grow her own veggies but also worked to raise the awareness of school age children eating healthily.

Ellen Degeneres

Holding a record-breaking number of Daytime Emmy Awards, Ellen started promoting home and urban farming more than a decade ago when the idea wasn’t as popular as it is today. She planted a Triscuit Urban Farming garden in 2010 and has been using her influence to reach out to communities worldwide.

Ringo Starr

Ringo is as cool as you can possibly get. This evergreen celebrity has been a passionate gardener for a while now, growing veggies and flowers in his garden. He’s also shared first-hand gardening tips on horticulture shows such as The Chelsea Flower Show.

Snoop Lion

This eccentric rapper is known for his love of growing vegetables. What’s more, he was eager to get the inside scoop on gardening from well-established local gardeners when he was touring the UK. He devoutly works on building organic and sustainable community gardens in Jamaica as part of his non-profit organization Mind Gardens. Way to go, Snoop!

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