Propagating Osteospermums – Potting up 2016’s Cuttings

It’s mild in the UK. Beautifully so. Along with the warm weather has come some rain, and with spring well and truly on the way, it means that everything is starting to burst into life. I often forget to stick my head into the greenhouse as it’s at the bottom of the garden and I’m too busy dashing about feeding chickens. However, I took a moment to explore and found that many of my cuttings have not only rooted, but are growing new leaves and even, in some cases, flower buds. Propagating osteospermums is super easy, and with these young plants needing some more room, I decided to separate them into individual pots.



The speed at which things grow always astounds me, especially at this time of year when everything is desperate to maximise its potential before the season is over – yes, plants are already ‘thinking’ about next winter. There are lots of cuttings on the go. Lovely purple penstemmons, lots of pyracantha to turn my boundary into a spiky fortress, and some variegated eunoymous too. The succulents have sprung into life. Whilst nicitiana and coreopsis annuals from last year have lived through the winter. I’ll put them into the garden this year for early colour.

As you can see, I still have A LOT to do in terms of greenhouse cleaning. All that glass! There’s also an ash branch overhead which helps the pigeons aim directly towards the roof. So, on another warm day, I’ll get out there with a sponge and clean everything; especially important if I’m to ripen tomatoes and aubgerines in there later in the year.

However, for now, I’ll just enjoy the sight of free new plants that are almost ready for planting out. Propagating osteospermums, and indeed, other plants, isn’t hard and it’s a great source of wonder!

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