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I’ve always loved carnivorous plants, but I never expected to see these stunning sarracenia flowers. When I was a boy, I remember keeping a couple of venus fly traps. I poked and prodded and killed the poor things eventually. I mean, there’s only so many times a plant can tolerate a rough child’s fingers. Now, however, my husband has grown quite a collection and we’re A LOT more careful – though, we still run around catching the odd house-fly and dropping it down a flute.

It has to be said, the flowers on these carnivorous plants are quite wonderful however. And, completely unexpected!



Sarracenia flowers rise from the base, getting larger and larger as they climb until eventually, once atop the stem, they hang there for a few days, fat and round. Then, they gradually unfurl, allowing the slender petals to billow slightly in the wind. The bulbous central area remains, and after a further few days it opens up to release the pollen.


Sarracenia flowers - an unexpected surprise

Sarracenia flowers are large and surprising!


So, though I’d always encourage a few carnivorous plants around any garden, not only as a talking point but also a useful bug-eating monster too, I’d also champion their beautiful flowers. It’s quite astounding what nature creates!

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