3 Seeds to Sow in April | Kale, Pumpkin and Spanish Flag

Not only cannot I believe we’ve made it to April, but I’m also staggered by the temperatures today – it’s been a balmy 18/19ºC here in Essex. As a result, my thoughts have been primarily on gardening and, in particular, three seeds to sow in April. Primarily, my focus will be on kale, pumpkin and the beautiful annual Spanish Flag, though I’m sure a few extra seedlings will slip in. Also, there will be successional sowings of salad and carrot crops too!

My kale has been a wonderful eye opener. When I first tasted those bitter leaves last autumn, I wasn’t entirely sure I was onto a winner. However, I now eat kale EVERY day! I’ve also got lots of foodie friends who love it and who, I suspect, will be a great consumer market when I have a good supply. My kale harvest is now coming to an end and the plants are going to flower, so I need to start thinking about replacements. In the meantime I’ll have to survive on chard instead (I know, eurgh). I’m sowing two varieties – Reflex and Nero di Toscana, the latter of which didn’t do very well but I’ll give it a second chance. I think I’ll also have to construct some form of cage because the caterpillars last summer all buy destroyed my plants….I welcomed colder temperatures where these beautiful healthy greens could grow away without being attacked.

Kale 'Reflex'

Kale ‘Reflex’ did particularly well.

I’m also planing some gourds as a trial run in an enclosed trough. I don’t have the space for them in the main vegetable area, but I’d like some for my own use so I’m sowing Knucklehead, Squash Spaghetti and a seed I was given – it’s a blue pumpkin! I’m hoping they’ll trail across the current sitting area and cover up the old carpet which was supposed to be covered in stones but, hey, it’s two years later and I still haven’t gotten around to it!

Spanish Flag - Mina Lobata

Spanish Flag (mina lobata) is an annual climbing beauty I recommend

Finally, 2017’s Spanish Flag (mina lobata) are going in. I’m going to take extra special care of these this year because I really want to swathe the trellis in this plant and hide the fence entirely! So, have a great weekend, get planting and enjoy the latest three seeds to sow in April video!

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