Brimwood Farm

Carnivorous Plants | Gorgeous Sarracenia Flowers


I’ve always loved carnivorous plants, but I never expected to see these stunning sarracenia flowers. When I was a boy, I remember keeping a couple of venus fly traps. I poked and prodded and killed the poor things eventually. I mean, there’s only so many times a plant can tolerate a rough child’s fingers. Now, however, my husband has grown quite a collection and we’re A LOT more careful… Continue reading

Growing Oak Trees | First Signs of Life from Sown Acorns

One of my dreams is to plant a new wood. Trees are SO majestic and beautiful, never mind their essential role in oxygenating OUR world so we can actually live. One of the fields at Brimwood Farm borders a local wood, but I want to extend that woodland into the land a little so there’s some wood to call my own. The pit has trees, there are plenty of mature… Continue reading

3 Seeds to Sow in April | Kale, Pumpkin and Spanish Flag

Not only cannot I believe we’ve made it to April, but I’m also staggered by the temperatures today – it’s been a balmy 18/19ºC here in Essex. As a result, my thoughts have been primarily on gardening and, in particular, three seeds to sow in April. Primarily, my focus will be on kale, pumpkin and the beautiful annual Spanish Flag, though I’m sure a few extra seedlings will slip in.… Continue reading

Monday Magic – White Narcissus

I’ve never been a huge fan of daffodils. I know they’re an icon of spring, and that many people consider them a bright, gaudy naff-off to winter but I think they’re just that – bright and gaudy. However, in the spirit of planting some spring bulbs and attempting to bring much needed colour to the March/April garden, I popped a few white narcissus into the flowerbeds last autumn. And, I… Continue reading

Meet the Passionate Gardeners among Celebrities

  The Brits have always had a knack for gardening. While it used to be a favourite pastime for the seniors, it’s quite thrilling to see that gardening is now as trending as ever. Many of our celebrities, as well as some worldwide celebs, are fierce advocates of organic living and other eco-minded practices, such as using renewable energy resources and reducing the carbon footprint.   From TV hosts to… Continue reading

Brimwood Farm Spring Tour

The weather has been beautifully the warm over the past few days, and that has made the garden burst into life. There seems to be something new to discover every day, from emerging foxtail lillies and alliums, to new life in the chicken coops.

Rather than try to take pictures of EVERYTHING, I thought a little video might suffice! Enjoy!

Monday Magic – Cordon Tree Flowers!

Spring. Isn’t it marvellous? A hint of warmth and some rain, and the garden comes rushing back to life. It seems as if there’s something new to discover every day. Over the past few weeks, buds and leaves have begun to open and then, today, I discovered cordon tree flowers!


When it comes to fruit trees, I’m a total amateur. I know how to prune only through managing my… Continue reading

Time for Transplanting Tomatoes

It feels great that the growing season has already reached a stage where I’m transplanting tomatoes. There’s nothing quite like that smell of tomato leaf; I think I even prefer it to the actual taste of the eventual fruit! I soaked the tray of young plants in water first and gave a little tug – some aren’t quite ready, but eight popped out with great rootballs.


For the past… Continue reading

The Big Bramble Clearing Project

Bramble clearing is most certainly much easier done in winter, when the leaves have disappeared and you can see exactly what you’re doing. For the most thorniest of thickets, it’s still tough going and you’ve got to be prepared to be assaulted by painful barbs. However, it beats trying to bash your wash through a jungle of spiny leaves and fresh, grasping tendrils in the middle of the summer.… Continue reading

Monday Magic – Dahlia Shoots

There’s nothing quite like the sight of dahlia shoots to know that the growing season has really begun. The sun has arrived in UK, and regardless of how fleeting it might be, it looks to be staying for at least a week. I checked the dahlias (which have been wrapped in newspaper and left in a bucket in the store room all winter) and – to my amazement… Continue reading

Propagating Osteospermums – Potting up 2016’s Cuttings

It’s mild in the UK. Beautifully so. Along with the warm weather has come some rain, and with spring well and truly on the way, it means that everything is starting to burst into life. I often forget to stick my head into the greenhouse as it’s at the bottom of the garden and I’m too busy dashing about feeding chickens. However, I took a moment to explore and found… Continue reading

Five Top Tips for Greenhouse Gardening Success in 2017

I’m sat looking at the window, watching the drizzle and hoping it’ll wash all that wood pigeon poo off my greenhouse. I know it’s wishful thinking! I’ll have to get out there myself with a soaped up sponge and clean the glass. And soon, at that, for the tomatoes and aubergine seedlings are already starting to rush away and will need to be potted on soon! I’m still to crack… Continue reading

Three Seeds to Sow in March

March. The month of inspiration where everything starts to grow. Also the month of anxiety as the need to sow starts to gain momentum. Where windowsills are cleared, ornaments shoved aside, light boxes made, all in a blind panic to get enough seedlings on the go for the year to come. Luckily, I’ve come up with a planting plan (well, for the vegetable garden) and I’m sticking to it.… Continue reading

Monday Magic – Pruning Cornus (Dogwood)

The mild air over the past few days, including that brought by Storm Doris, has got the garden in a spring-like frame of mind, it seems. Bulbs are popping up everywhere, herbacious perennials are putting forth luminous new leaves and many shrubs are beginning to bud. This includes my two red dogwoods, both of which are beginning to form the first leaves of the year. This means, that pruning cornus… Continue reading

Dahlia Shoots, Pak Choi and more February Sowing

Well, Storm Doris has passed over and left beautiful blue skies; the perfect opportunity to check for fresh dahlia shoots. It’s at this time of year when those tubers that have been wrapped up all winter start to respond to growing temperatures and put out shoots. They can’t yet be planted out because the frosts will zap them, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them. When… Continue reading


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