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Monday Magic – Iris Reticulata, Peppers and Osteospermums

Welcome to a HOT Monday Magic. Well, hot for February. In fact, right now it’s 15°C! There’s a lot to be inspired in the garden today, from beautiful iris reticulata flowers (variety Katherine Hodgkin), hellebores and crocus, to the emergence of the first pepper seedlings of 2017. Now, I’ve had GREAT difficulty with these in the past and have never managed to get more than a… Continue reading

MONDAY MAGIC – Orchids, Eggs and Seedlings

Happy Monday!

Every week I try to find something a little inspiring from Mother Nature to help kick start the week and begin with a little positivity. Luckily, the sun is shining today and there’s quite a lot going on here at Brimwood Farm. The orchids are flowering, seedlings are growing and the next generation of my chicken experiment are being laid – time to get the incubator back on!… Continue reading

Three Ways to Get Cheap Plants | Fill Your Border for Bargain

Can you believe it’s just starting snowing? And there was I thinking that spring might soon be on the way. It seems that garden centres and plant supplies think so too, for catalogues keep arriving, trying to entice me to buy. Also, many of the bargain homeware stores that sell plants seasonally are beginning to stock garden stuff, so it’s worth keeping your eyes open!

Three Seeds to Sow in February!

Well, despite having the lurgie, I managed to crawl from my bed this morning, drag the bag of compost to the back door and sort out my three seeds to sow in February! The seedlings from last month continue to prosper. Okay, white lie; the aubergines and achillea continue to prosper, the lettuces all died. Oops. They got too wet and became mouldy as a result so I’ve had to… Continue reading

Monday Magic – Finding Peace with Backyard Chickens

Well, those wintry frosts have receded, giving way to milder wet weather. There’s no getting around it; when  warmer climes arrive, us gardeners just have to put up with a few months of damp, wet gardening. However, with blue skies above and green shoots beginning to appear all over the place, there is time for a little optimism.

This Monday Magic was found in the chicken shed.… Continue reading

A Winter Tour – Spring Bulbs, January Seedlings & Overwintering Annuals

It was only in November, that I filmed a little autumn tour of the garden and menagerie, but seeing as winter’s set in and there’s not a huge amount of growing to be done, I thought I’d follow up with a peruse around the garden again. And, surprisingly, there are a few development, with January seedlings, a few available vegetables and some overwintering annuals.

Winter’s a time when… Continue reading

Build a Garden Deck to Enhance Your Home and Life

If you’re at a loss of what to do in these colder, quieter weeks of the year, then I’ve got Travis Wilson to inspire you. A carefully thought out deck or outdoor room can transform your garden, and as garden jobs are few and far between at the moment, you might be inspired to get building!


Spending time outside in a garden area or a well-maintained yard can be… Continue reading

Monday Magic – Enjoying those Winter Frosts

For us gardeners, it can be rather easy to huddle away inside with a cup of tea and a seed catalogue whilst completely forgetting about outside. But…there is a lot of beauty in those winter frosts, and it’s the cold, crisp weather that’s taken my focus for Monday Magic this week.

There are all manner of positive things that a good spot of cold weather does. Firstly, it kills the… Continue reading

The 2017 Garden Trends to Watch Out For

Clear, blue skies are endless today, making outside rather chilly. But, fear not, I have author Ryan Duffy here to discuss some of the gardening trends for 2017. So, prepare for vertical planting, extending your living space and trying to reduce your colour palette <- a huge difficulty for me because…PLANTS!

Without further ado; here’s Ryan.


The winter months are slowly coming to an end, and after months… Continue reading

Backyard Poultry – A Chicken Tour

It’s time for a tour of my chickens!

There’s not a huge amount growing here at the moment. I have a few seeds on the go in the propagator in an attempt to get an early start. However, in the garden, the ground is hard, the bulbs have been frozen in time and there’s definitely not sign of spring. Thus, there isn’t a vast amount to do <- actually, I… Continue reading

Oh, For the Love of Spring Bulbs – A Saviour of my Sanity

I do love spring bulbs when used wisely. I’m going to put it out there; I’m not a fan of brightly coloured, gaudy, in your face flowers. It means that sun-coloured daffs and scarlet tulips really are not my thing. But it’s safe to say that because bulbs are some of the first things to appear in those dull, wet, cold months of the year they’re important –… Continue reading

Monday Magic – Flowering Orchids

It’s that time of the week; yes – Monday. Being self-employed and able to potter around the garden, Monday doesn’t have the same horror it used to as when I was stuck at a desk, in an office, crunching numbers. But it’s always nice to banish those blues and kickstart the week with a little positivity – especially when Mother Nature provides it for free.

This week I’m looking at… Continue reading

On My Oasis – Return of the Mud

You know, I sometimes feel that all I do is talk about the weather, and not necessarily in a positive light. This weekend has been GRIM. Rain, grey winter has truly arrived on UK shores, and as the fog and dampness flows up The Thames, I’m getting hit with some unwelcome weather. Of course, it’s all rather good for the garden – the plants love all this extra moisture. But… Continue reading

How to Plant a Beautiful English Bluebell Grove

At Brimwood Farm, I’ve been focused on increased biodiversity and creating a wider range of habitats as part of my conservation efforts. There’s very little I can do in the way of growing and farming because the land is over two hours away; so until I move closer, the smallholding has to wait. However, in the intermediary, you may have noticed I’ve been doing a lot of work – a… Continue reading

Your Ultimate Guide to Gardening – Infographic

Sometimes, especially if you’re only just starting to garden, it can be difficult to know where to begin. This great little infographic has picked out four key areas – Seasonal Gardening, Eco-Friendly Gardening, Growing Your Own and Wildlife Gardening – to get you on your way.



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