Enjoy a Traditional Autumn Daisy in May with Alpine Asters

I’ve gotta say, I love alpine asters. When you think of asters, your mind probably leaps forward to late summer and autumn borders filled with those bluish, purple and pink daisy flowers. They’re a great late-season plant, though mine have always tended to get mildew. HOWEVER, if you want to enjoy this flower in spring, head out and get some alpine asters because these little gems are flowering NOW.

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Is there anything much more cheery than a daisy? Fields of flowers signal the start of summer and happy hours making daisy chains. In the garden, there are many beautiful forms of this plant to enjoy but, in my opinion, alpine asters are some of the best.

As their name suggests, they’re small. So they grow in low mounds only a few inches high, making them the ideal rockery or pot plant. They’re also ideal at the front of a border, and are great for cottage and informal gardens where they’re allowed to spill from the soil onto the path.

They’re also super easy to care for – as many alpine plants are. A little bit of compost, some water and they’ll happily flower every year without much trouble. If there’s a downside to these beautiful plants, it’s that they don’t flower for very long. You can deadhead them, but it won’t kickstart a repeat flower. Instead, the plant will just put more energy into root and leaf growth rather than producing seeds.


Alpine asters in flower

Alpine asters are a treat for May


And produce seeds they do. And viable seeds at that. So whilst baby seedlings will take at least a year before they’re mature enough to produce flowers, you can have a go at hybridising your alpine asters and creating a new variety. Who knows, maybe you’ll hit the next big thing!

These are lovely little flowers that a highly recommend. Easy to care for and they’ll give you that daisy cheer at the beginning of the season too.

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