Take The Hard Work Out of Gardening with Mantis Power Tools

It has to be said, that when you’re gardening with a small budget, spending your hard-earned cash on power tools seems like a no-go area. I’ve always had this staunch idea, and rather stupid – it has to be said – that labouring away and toiling  manually on the land would give me more satisfaction. You know what? I doesn’t. It’s just bloody tiring and slows the work down. So I turned to Mantis for some advice and got their take on which must-have tools should be the first for your gardening arsenal.

Mantis Electric Tiller

Tiller’s make short work of turning the land.


Firstly, why should people invest in tillers and power tools? I was a staunch ‘I’ll use brute force and stamina’ man for many years. What’s the major selling point about Mantis tools?

The Mantis Tiller takes all the back breaking work out of preparing beds for planting.  It breaks up the soil into a fine tilth to a depth of 10” perfect for planting vegetables or turning over flower beds.  There are attachments for edging borders and scarifying and aerating the lawn, also jobs that can be back breaking and time consuming.  Why not make life easier and less painful and spend less time working on your garden and more time enjoying it?

For someone who’s just starting a vegetable garden, for example, from scratch, what’s the best tiller and/or attachments to utilise?

The Classic Electric or 4 Stroke tiller, which can turn over the soil easily, even compacted soil and create a great base for growing vegetables or shrubs and flowers.  You can use the Tiller to mix manure into the soil.  There are plough and planter attachments that will create ideal furrows in the soil in which to plant vegetables.  These attachments are adjustable dependant on what you are planting.

Grass is a very time-consuming garden feature and millions of people across the country struggle year round to get that perfect lawn. Any tips or advice to make life a little easier?

Regular mowing in the growing season, at a high setting to avoid the roots getting scorched by the sun.  Scarifying and aerating especially at the beginning and the end of the winter and top dressing and reseeding where there are thinning patches.  Also, regular feeding is a must.  Once done, water the lawn heavily to encourage root growth and build drought resistance

Also, why is it so important to do major lawn maintenance in the autumn? Scarifying and improving drainage, for example?

Scarifying removes thatch that builds up around the roots of the grass, allowing air and moisture to get through.  If the lawn has experienced heavy traffic over the summer and the soil has become compacted, aerating allows the air and moisture to penetrate and encourage deep root development as well as assisting with drainage.  It also allows the roots of the grass to take on nutrients and to hang onto moisture in the ground during dry spells.



compost tumblers can be the ideal alternative to a stationary compost heap

You sell some great compost tumblers. What’s the advantage of these over regular compost heaps?

The Mantis Compostumbler uses the Hot Composing method and allows the user to mix up the heated ingredients at the core by turning the drum 5 times every day.  This displaces the heat and allows an even decomposition, which speeds up the process, which is why the Compostumbler can provide you with good quality compost in 14 – 21 days as opposed to months or even years in a traditional heap.


Pole pruners make out-of-reach places accessible.

One of the problems a lot of people have is pruning their taller shrubs and trees. Do you have any tools that can help with this?

Yes we have the Cordless Pole Pruner which has a reach of up to 4 m / 13ft.  It is lightweight; 3kg / 8lb, and a rechargeable lithium battery that allows up to 1 hour of pruning.  It is basically a powerful chainsaw on a stick.

Finally, for anyone considering restocking their garden tools, what three pieces of equipment are must haves?

Dependant on the focus of the gardener;

Vegetable garden / allotment users – Tiller with Plough and Planter attachments.

Flower bed / lawn care – Tiller with Lawn Care Package that includes the lawn scarifier, aerator attachments and border edger.

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