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Book Review – The Thoughtful Gardener

If there’s one book that’s come into my life in recent times that I’m inspired by it’s ‘The Thoughtful Gardener‘. Jinny Blom, quite honestly, has packed everything into a ‘style’ book here that I’ve ever wanted. I mean – seriously – the cover reflects the garden design ideas I aspire to in a nutshell.

   Flip to any page in this beautiful gardening design book and you’d be… Continue reading

Book Review – Urban Flowers


Gardening seems to have become more popular and, dare I say it, even on-trend over the past few years. Certainly, people old and young are paying more attention to their health and so the vegetable side of growing has seen a spike. Ornamental gardening, meanwhile, has also piqued more interest, though I’m unsure whether that’s because it’s cooler with the younger generation, or that I’ve just hit that mid-thirties… Continue reading

Pigs in Clover – An Honest, Hilarious Take on Smallholding Life

I know, I know – another week, another book review. But I’ve wanted to discuss¬†both these books for a while and as not a huge amount is happening in the garden, now’s the time to do so. Last week’s The Market Gardener gives you the bones for veggie success. This week, Pigs in Clover offers a hilarious and sometimes bleak look at life as a smallholder.

I’ve ‘… Continue reading


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