I’m a Seed Junkie

For years I’ve been wanting to grow more plants myself. Carol Klein’s latest series really got me inspired and I finally bought £50 worth of seeds this weekend. Yes, rather indulgent. No, I haven’t got the space. But who cares, I want to grow more myself and this is the way to do it. There’s something very satisfying about popping some seed into a tray, watching tiny plants germinating and… Continue reading

Take A Rainy Day to Plan

Rain is coming down, alternating from hard uncontrollable onslaughts, to soft falling sheets of wet mist. It’s much needed. For all that we haven’t had the glorious summer than was intended, rainfall has been sporadic at most and I have all but given up mowing clients lawns due to the barren and dusty tundra that was largely imminent. Blades turning a dead brown, ant hills rising out of the scorched… Continue reading


I'm Geoff, and I'm a plant hoarder.

Like magpies collect bright shiny things, I can't resist plants. An exquisite flower, soft ferny foliage or a beautiful majestic tree - I love them all!

Here, I'll indulge in all things flora and share my passion. Join me as I develop my garden and hoard more plants without apology.