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Growing Carrots – My First Crop

Though I may have been growing veggies for many years, I’ve never harvested a carrot crop. A few of these tasty veg were sown on the allotment but as soon as the summer season arrived, I always got busy, the crops got weedy and nothing ever came of the carrots. This year I set about growing three different varieties in my no-dig raised beds and, upon pulling some up… Continue reading

How to Make a No-Dig, Raised Bed

Garden’s evolve, and mine’s done exactly that over the past year. The original vegetable patch is just too shady. Meanwhile, the lawn area has become muddy with dogs and chickens. So, I’m switching them. I’ll develop a ‘poultry yard’ at the bottom of the garden, and build raised veggie beds on the lawn and add a wrap-around cutting garden.

There are many advantages of raised beds; they’re easier to… Continue reading

On My Oasis – A Garden of Change

One of the things I love about gardening is the ease in which you can change a space to suit your needs. The original concept of my space came before I’d actually moved in; long before thoughts turned to renovating the house, I was busily creating a Mediterranean garden, cutting beds, oval lawn and veggie patch. But it’s not until you live in a space that you get a… Continue reading


I'm Geoff, and I'm a plant hoarder.

Like magpies collect bright shiny things, I can't resist plants. An exquisite flower, soft ferny foliage or a beautiful majestic tree - I love them all!

Here, I'll indulge in all things flora and share my passion. Join me as I develop my garden and hoard more plants without apology.