Making a Case for Violas

There’s no love lost between Pansies and I. I’m not really a big fan of gaudy flowers, and I’m afraid I normally put pansies in this category. Add the fact there’s a vast amount of deadheading to do throughout the season, not to mention these plants tend to be short-lived and get very straggly, and they’re definitely not in my ‘plant must-have’s’ list. However, I’m going to have… Continue reading

Plant up your winter pansies

Following on from my previous post regarding preparing for winter and starting to think about pots and colour for the colder season, I thought I’d highlight just how beautiful pansies can be. I’m not a huge lover of ornately petalled flowers, and many pansy varieties come with multiple petals, frills and ruffles which I could well live without. However, with the extroadinary range of varieties available, there… Continue reading


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