Allotment weather finally arrives

I don’t know about you, but the start of this veggie growing year has begun rather late. I had too much going on in November to get broad beans or overwintering onions in, so the allotment has been completely sparse of any harvests at all. An above freezing day in February got my sowing juices going and I put some broad beans in which, when placed upon the… Continue reading

Harvesting & Hippies

With the year scurrying by at break neck speed, life at the allotment also hurtles on. Many crops are already over, others are burgeoning, but most importantly, many are ready to pick! Weeds are sprouting every which way, but Mary’s unique talent at aquiring new recruits has kept most at bay and with the slight reclassification of certain plants there seems less to do. This seems to be a fantastic… Continue reading

The Perfect Weather

Plants across Britain must be singing a merry song after the weather they’ve enjoyed this week. A grey and wet start gave them the much needed juice they needed, whilst the hot latter ending to the week has brought on an explosion of growth, greeness and goodness. Crisp lettuces, spindling peas and burgeoning potatoes are just some of the merry assortment that have enjoyed the great British weather. Down on… Continue reading

An Allotment Marathon

I have to admit, work on the allotment has been rather lacklustre of late. I find motivation to actually leave the house and head over to our little farm rather hard to come by, and by the time I’ve finished work, worked out, or generally caught up on other chores, the last thing I want to do is go out again. Added to the fact that marathon training claimed most… Continue reading

To Chit or Not to Chit?

With a year of potato growing under my belt and the basic growing practices added to my knowledge its time to start the new season. In fact, it’s way past starting the new season but as usual I’ve been lack lustre in getting my arse in gear and actually getting those spuds in the ground. Last years Foremost and Charlotte did well, we have nothing to compare our “bumper” crop… Continue reading


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