3 Dates for Your Horticultural Calendar

With 2012 upon us, it’s time to think about the multitude of horticultural extravaganza’s ahead.  I’m not talking about the flower shows and country fairs here, I’m talking about the bizzare, eccentric and quirky exploits that you may not dare to enter!

1. Big Garden Birdwatch – January 28th/29th

The Big Garden Birdwatch is back again as the RSPB attempt to get a complete picture of bird populations throughout… Continue reading

Big Garden Bird Watch Results

I had hoped to make a joyous post about all the beautiful birds that I spotted this past weekend when I did my conservational duty by taking part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch. Having noted a considerable increase in feathered friends over the winter I was ready for some stunning results. After a seemingly wasteland of bird species, with just a local robin, blackbird and wood pigeon group… Continue reading

Feed the Birds

Outside my window sits the crab apple tree. Laden down with snow, red fruit sparkling against the white world around them. A thrush sits on a dangerously bending twig, nibbling the fruit at the end. Two blackbird cockbirds fight for the rights to eat at the top of the tree, whilst a sudden movement in the adjacent fir catches me eye and I spy a little, round, blue tit hanging… Continue reading


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