Chickens & Eggs

We’re a bit chicken obsessed. We might be stuck in a suburban location at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us being a little egg-centric. We offer hatching eggs, various chicken breeds to order and even eating eggs.


Poultry includes Barbu d’Anvers, Poland (assorted colours including white and chamois), Silkie/Poland hybrid, Ayam Cemani, Chinese Painted Quail and Japanese Quail.

Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs are available for most of the above chickens and quail. Though we advise collecting if possible, we can post if you’re located within the UK. Limited availability.


Mixed eggs from hybrid crested black and ex-battery hens. £1.50 per half dozen. Smaller eggs also available from silkier and poland hens at £1 per half dozen. Quail eggs – limited availability. Collection only.