Owl Box Campaign


(As dusk fell, a ghostly shape flitted across the landscape; barn owls were here)

In 2016, we’re fundraising £500 to buy four owl boxes to place at the farm. With the box we’ve already bought, that will provide five new homes for little, fluffy owlets to be reared. It’s important to make the campaign target; then we can keep the project running indefinitely and keep buying boxes as an when donations come in.

Why aren’t we buying the boxes ourselves? We’ve bought one, but they’re £120 each. Much as we’d love to pay for it all ourselves, we’re not in the position to do so, thus making this a community project. We hope your love for nature, owls, conservation or British wildlife might mean you can help in some way.



The Aim

British owl populations are curtailed by many factors; two of which are lack of habitat and too few nesting sites. By the time jackdaws have taken roost in many hollow trees, the places left for owls to raise a family are even smaller. With almost 40 acres of pastureland and wildflower meadows available, we want to put up as many boxes as possible to encourage the five main owl species; barn owls, little owls, tawny owls, long-eared owls and short-eared owls. If we can fund the maximum (2 per five acres) we’ll move onto other boxes, such as those for kestrels, bats and insects.

Please consider helping; if you can’t help financially, sending out a tweet, posting on Facebook and spreading the word helps more than you might think!

To see our Indiegogo Campaign, click here!

Our Sponsors so Far

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May 11th – six weeks to go and we’ve raised 11% of the total! Thanks everyone. We’ve also installed the first box into a beautiful oak tree and are hoping we might’ve been early enough to catch a pair of barn owls attention for THIS year.

FUNDED! Thank You!