Thornless Blackberries

I love blackberries and have nostalgic memories combing the hedgerows of my grandparents farm picking these lovely soft fruit in autumn. Prickles didn’t seem so much of an issue back then, but as an adult, and foraging vast quantities for jam making and freezing, it’s not long before you’re covered in scratches. But I have an answer – thornless blackberries!

I’ll be honest; I’d never really thought about blackberry cultivars. I mean, you just go to the park, or farm or country lanes right? Though that’s true, cultivated specimens not only have larger fruit that can be harvested over a longer period of time, but there are some varieties without thorns too!



These cultivars from Lubera are upright growing, more like an espalier tree against a fence than a bramble thicket. The three varieties also crop at slightly different times too, so you can look forward to enjoying a spread of blackberries from July through to September, instead of having a huge glut all at once.

I’ll be monitoring these lovely plants over the coming few years to see how they do, so make sure you Subscribe to the YouTube channel not to miss out. And I, for one, am very ready to pick bountiful harvests without the accompanying scratches I’ve become so used to.

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