Spinach and Lettuce | Transplanting Veggie Seedlings

It’s the time of year when seedlings are taking over. Conservatory tables, windowsills, and greenhouse shelving is ALL covered in trays of germinating plants or young, tender seedlings. In an attempt to deal with this problem (or just my growing issue in general) I decided it was time to sort out my spinach and lettuce plants and spend some time transplanting veggie seedlings.



This year I’ve grown two types of spinach – Medania and Apollo F1 Hybrid (a good baby leaf variety). Sown last month, both varieties have germinated and grown into nice young plants but they’re taking up space so I decided it was time to plant out. Spinach are VERY FROST TOLERANT, but ONLY once they’re acclimatised. I mean, yeah, you might cope with the cold if you’ve got a snug coat on but it would be a different story if you’re thrust into the snow after having a hot bath AND you’re in your birthday suit!

So, I’ve kept an eye on the forecast and there’s no frost on the horizon so I’ve popped them into the bed. IF the temperatures drop before they’re established, I’ll cover them over.

In the greenhouse, there are some lovely fresh baby lettuce plants growning. Salad bowl red is, I think, particularly nice, and it’s dusky leaves of sunset-hues very attractive. These plants are far too young to go outside but they do need pricking out fairly quickly if they’re to grow into healthy plants. Transplanting veggie seedlings might seem a bit of a chore, but it’s well worth the time and effort!


Transplanting veggie seedlings - salad bowl red lettuce

Salad Bowl Red Lettuce seedlings are attractive little plants


I’ve pricked out 40 of the best seedlings (and fed the remainder to the hens – I mean – they love microgreens too). Along with spinach, rocket and lambs lettuce, these will make up the majority of my salad mixes this year!

How do you find pricking out and transplanting veggie seedlings? Let me know!

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