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Starting my green fingered nature off in the depths of Suffolk it perhaps isn’t any surprise that I’m a little hippyish. My mother was always gardening, and I soon acquired a little patch in the 3/4 acre Vicarage garden to call my own. A pond, a plant, a small tree later and I was hooked, and whilst I may not have been the most attentive gardener, my green roots had been started.

Moving to London to go to uni, I studied Zoology and Marine Biology, before finding myself in a dead-end job with no escapism. Three long years (if felt like decades) later, and with my personality all but crushed by the 9-5 dread that society puts us in, I quit and started gardening full-time. The allotment came my way, then the chickens. Clients started flooding in, and I now spend many, many happy hours pruning, mowing, clipping. I’m outside, I’m free of my air conditioned cubicle. Life is GREAT!


I currently run a landscape design and maintenance company in the suburbs of London on the edge of Essex. Whether a total re-design is needed or simply the lawn cut and shrubbery tidied then I can be your man. I specialise in reinvigorating tired gardens and making landscaping changes that won’t break the bank but will allow for full enjoyment of the garden.

Meanwhile I also work in the TV industry, especially for shows such as ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme as a behind the scenes garden expert. I write and share gardening knowledge and am involved with a number of marketing and social media companies to help spread my gardening passion. I also present on The Horticultural Channel.tv as a member of the gardening show’s new presenting team, and have worked with Sky1 HD to produce webisodes for Rooftop Rainforest.

Horticultural Writer

As a freelance writer, I have a wide range of experience under my belt from writing briefs and biographies on celebrities for the TV industry to supplying conversational and SEO content articles for the web. I work with several clients ghostwriting daily blogs where my work ranges from financing and medical news to sports coverage and conservation pieces. However, my passion remains with gardening and I am a consummate garden writer. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding article or copywriting work at: geoffwakeling(at)theguidetogaygardening(dot)com.


Nope, they’re not gardening books, but fiction!! As well as writing this blog, in April 2012 I set out on a publishing journey that has taken me on an interesting ride. My debut series, Inside Evil, launched in April and now has four books published with the fifth and final installment due October 2014. and my zombie novella landed in February 2013. Aside from gardening, I’m a passionate science fiction geek and have put my creative nerdiness into my CRYO series. There’s also a quick zombie novella if you’re in the mood.

To find out more, visit GeoffreyWakeling.com or click the books below.


28 Responses to About Geoff

  • Marco says:

    He, found your site and glad to see someone doing new and funky about gardening on the net!
    Saw your Echium! I think it had it. I had the same thing last year after february snow! All strugling and finally dead.

  • Owen Clutton says:

    Glad to read your site and know that I am not the only gay man who regards shovelling shit as a genteel pastime; spent a lot of last weekend rummaging through a pile of horse manure; somebody in my local pub said I needed to get out more, or some such thing! This is from down in rural Sussex (yes, they haven’t built over all of it yet!)

    • I know, there are places left in England that aren’t concrete jungles! Thank god! Shovelling shit I find is actually quite relaxing, you come away knowing that the soil and plants will love it, and I always feel like I’ve achieved something good.

      And Marco…yes….I believe you forecast the death of my Echium well :O(

  • Andrew Stott says:

    Your Peru trecking partner Chilina say’s hello…..!!

  • David Grove says:

    Hi Geoff, At last! a gardening blog I can relate to, thank you. I totally dig what you are doing 100% and look forward to connecting and sharing.

  • David Fedor-Cunningham says:

    Hello from Vermont! Enjoyed your site.

  • Msalonen says:

    OMG! I have only just had a proper gander around your site. Loves it! You have just inspired me into turning our back garden into something amazing! And if I cant do it, then shall hire you to come around! Done and done.

    • Yay, that’s what I wanna do…inspire people to garden. Even if it’s just a few pots, it makes us all feel a little brighter and helps save the planet. You inspire me to be more fashionable, I inspire you to garden….result!

  • Paul Smith says:

    Interesting and stimulating site. Many thanks and i will follow this keenly. Working on a new garden – 5 parallel plots, ex miners cottage gardens, which will become a ‘whole’. Still ‘thinking stage’ and with ideas galore. Cheers, Paul

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the comments 🙂 ex miners cottages sound amazing…I love that kinda historical feel to a place. Are you going to keep the gardens seperate but with threads of continuity throughout, or just landscape into one big design?

  • Kelli Council says:

    Nice to see you’ve been doing something fabulously romantic! Seriously, I’m jealous! It’s been interesting finding some pals from younger years while I slave away 8-5, hence why I’m jealous… Looking forward to hearing from you again Geoff. P.s. Would love some contacts if you got em, some of your beautiful flowers too! Kelli from USA

  • Stribor says:

    hi geoff!

    i put “gay gardener” in to a “google” search and your site showed up on the top of the list! 🙂
    just surfing your pages and find them really nice. good job! 🙂
    will be visiting regularly now when stored in my “bookmarks”.
    i am croatian living in montenegro for a while but looking for a place to live back in croatia.i am really passionate gardener but without a garden right now, 🙁
    even not being young any more i hope to start some kind of “green” business…nursery or something…agricultural land is very cheap here and you can buy an acre for less than 1000 euro! we’ll see… also i hope to find along some nice gardener, too, 🙂
    i know that you still enjoy cold winter weather but here on the coast early spring is already here.the other day i took some pics of lovely wild narcissus – they grow everywhere! and would like to send some to you and to all the visitors of your site…pity that i cannot show you how looks a field full of thousands and thousands white wild narcissuses right next to the sea!
    you cannot imagine that unique mixture of smells of mediterranean sea and lovely narcissus!…or you can if visit dubrovnik! 🙂

    best wishes in the new year!


  • Jensen Katzer says:

    What a great site! Soo Bookmarked! My partner and I have just moved into our new house and inherited with it 1/4 acre of challenging sloping lawn, as keen gardeners we are itching to get started so I will def be pinching lots of ideas. Made my Friday…well that and your Twitter pic of course 😉

  • Michael Richards says:

    Hi Geoff,

    Keep dipping into your inspiring website for my gardening tips and advice. Just started a job with the Garden Museum and really looking forward to working for them and getting the chance to attend all the inspiring talks and events that they host. We should get you along one evening! Mike

    • Do you know Mike, I’ve never been to the garden museum!! How AWFUL is that?! Now I have an excuse to come. Heard great things about it, would love to have a trip. We’ll have to arrange something…maybe I can pop along to one of the talks 😀

  • Michael Richards says:

    Hi Geoff,
    The website (www.gardenmuseum.org.uk) has full details of all forthcoming events – and the new exhibition “Garden Open Today – 300 Years of Garden Visiting” – starts on the 24th April. Look forward to showing you at the GM soon!

  • Jerry G says:

    I am a Los Angeles, CA landscape designer & I just discovered your site. I like your passion, information and the inspiration shared. Great looking site & I am definitely bookmarking for continued enjoyment and reading. Happy to be part of the community here.

  • Marc says:

    well ! just a french “gardener” who love english garden and try to create one at home…but i’m not english. it seems difficult but i try. hope you’ll help me and give me instruction. thanks and sorry for my english.

  • Greg Kapala says:

    Hey Geoff, thanks for sharing. Think we may have some very similar threads in life. Look forward to some gay perspective on plants from the other side of the pond. You can check our blog here: http://greenlings.wordpress.com/

  • Hey there 🙂

    How are you doing? I saw some guest bloggers in your website and thought that maybe I can contribute too, if you will just allow me. Will you be interested in a topic about “Impart Elegance to your space with nature inspired views”

    I read your article entitled “The Changing Season Brings New Inspiration” I must commend you for coming up with a very creative and inspiring write-up. I strongly believe to that. I am always excited for the coming of a new season. It feels always of having a new life. Thanks for posting this kind of article. I’ve learned a lot from it. It inspires me too. I’m an aspiring interior designerJ.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Princess Galsim

  • Robin Surtees says:

    Hi Geoff !
    I’ve just found your site while googling “Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii ‘Profusion”, a couple of plants of which I have been given as a surprise birthday present. It was a nice thought on the giver’s part but unfortunately I don’t have anywhere to plant them out. Yours is the only site I’ve found which suggests that smaller varieties can be grown in pots. At 1.2m would ‘Profusion’ count as smaller? It’d be the ideal solution if so!

    All the best for 2014


    • Geoff Wakeling says:

      Hi Robin,

      I have profusion too! It hasn’t exactly ‘profused’ due to being in a pot, but it’s been absolutely fine for the past three years. I have it in a pot about 12″ in diameter and it’s grown to about 3ft tall. Until I move, or find somewhere permanent, I’ll keep it there. I would think your callicarpa will be just fine!

  • Marilyn says:

    I know I am being forward & probably inappropriate, but in what way does “gay” gardening differ from “straight” gardening? Same soil, same tools, same flowers, same methods……..
    and why does it need to be labeled that way?
    I’m asking this seriously, just curious to know the reason.

    • Geoff Wakeling says:

      Hey Marilyn,

      When I first started the blog – back in like 2005, I think – I thought of it as a double meaning. Traditionally, gay was always a word for ‘happy’, and also I’m gay, so it seemed a good fit. 🙂

      You’re not inappropriate at all! It’s good to ask questions!

  • brendan byrne says:

    Hi Geoff,
    I love your site.So informative and inspirational.
    You have such an interesting life.

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