The 2017 Garden Trends to Watch Out For

Clear, blue skies are endless today, making outside rather chilly. But, fear not, I have author Ryan Duffy here to discuss some of the gardening trends for 2017. So, prepare for vertical planting, extending your living space and trying to reduce your colour palette <- a huge difficulty for me because…PLANTS!

Without further ado; here’s Ryan.


The winter months are slowly coming to an end, and after months of neglect, it’s soon going to be the time to get back in the garden and start injecting some life back into your garden – especially as you’ll be spending most of your time in it once the warmer months arrive (only if we actually experience a decent summer!). Listed below are the top garden trends that will inspire you with spectacular ideas for your garden in 2017.

Stick to The Same Shades

If you’re not a skilled gardener, or you are in the scenario where you’ve just bought your first home so you’re unsure on where to start – when it comes to your outdoor area you should stick to the 2016 trend of limiting the colour scheme in your garden to just two or three shades. For a modern look, try and choose plants with mellow colours so your garden appears more organised and classy. By taking a minimalistic approach in terms of colour, it can give a subtle air of stylishness to your garden.

Here, blues, purples and pinks create a Mediterranean vibe.

Bring Inside, Outside

One of the biggest trends this year comes with trying to create a living space outside. With various designs in outdoor furniture sofa sets as well as trendy dining sets & tables, you can create a wonderful space in your garden that you can use to spend time with your family & friends in. Whether its cushioned cane furniture pieces or hand crafted swing sets, the purpose of them is to be comfortable and also be able to withstand the terrain they may face with being outdoors.

Get Inventive with The Structure

If your home has a big or long garden, then a great idea can be to install some artificial divisions which give an impression of depth. If you create your garden in a way that obscures the natural flow and eye lines of the garden, it gives the impression that the garden weaves and winds around, which makes the garden appear larger than it actually is.

Even planting an ornamental tree acts to break up a garden and draw the interest through and around to what’s beyond.

Hang Out

If your garden is smaller or is a courtyard type area, then you would want to focus your efforts vertically. The aim is to use plain walls and make full use of their vertical potential. There are the popular hanging baskets which allow you to place all your plant pots in a vertical row on top of each other. You can choose to fill these pots with whichever types of plants you desire, and it can be a great opportunity to add some texture and colour to an otherwise bleak space.

Author Description

Ryan Duffy is a freelance writer who is a recent university graduate in Media Studies. His passion for people and writing has encouraged him to pursue this career full-time. He enjoys writing about a variety of subjects including gardening and home improvement, and this is where most of his work has taken him.

Find him on Twitter here: @Ryan_Duff199
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