Backyard Poultry – A Chicken Tour

It’s time for a tour of my chickens!

There’s not a huge amount growing here at the moment. I have a few seeds on the go in the propagator in an attempt to get an early start. However, in the garden, the ground is hard, the bulbs have been frozen in time and there’s definitely not sign of spring. Thus, there isn’t a vast amount to do <- actually, I lie. I have LOADS of jobs I should be doing (cleaning, tidying, overhauling the greenhouse) but it’s too cold. Instead, I spent today inside the shed hanging out with the chickens and quails, mucking them out and feeding them bits of frosty kale in a bid to relieve some of their boredom.

A pair of Barbu d’Anvers

With avian flu having arrived in the UK, chicken keepers across Britain are in lockdown in accordance with DEFRA’s guidance. Where possible, poultry must be housed and kept away from wild birds. When they can’t be shut in, runs should be covered and food/drink moved to a location where contamination from birds cannot occur. So, you can imagine, my shed is FULL of chickens right now!

For this week’s Brimwood Farm video I thought I’d give you a little tour of the menagerie!

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