Enchanted by Cows

If you follow my Instagram, you’d have seen rather a lot of bovine picture on Wednesday. The Suffolk Show was held on June 1st and 2nd, and having not been since childhood, I decided it was as good an event as any to thrust my husband into farming life and surround him with livestock. It sure worked…and he was soon gaga over goats and sheep. We visited the pig tent to shelter from the bitter wind and rain (yes, apparently it’s November weather in June) – I have to say, though I see the use of pigs on the homestead, I’m a bit scared of them. They’re huge. Have those chomping jaws. Make those shrill squeals and shrieks. I can’t say I’m keen. However, I was completely enchanted by the cows.

I just find cows magnificent; I always have. Many can be gentle giants, and I love their inquisitive nature and beautiful eyes. I’ve long wanted cows – it was always planned for our eventual smallholding to have a small herd and now I’ve seen them up close and personal again, I’m absolutely in love.

The rather wonderful thing about cows is that they don’t have to be big either. For anyone who watched This Farming Life earlier in the year, there might be the belief that every cow is as big as the Long Horn or the Limousin. But there are some tiny cows too. The Dexter, for example, is pretty small. In fact, there are some dogs that probably stand taller (though I’m thinking of the huge breeds; Great Danes & St Bernards). Dexters are also brilliant cattle for clearing – exactly what we need on our farmland. The pasture has long gone to weeds, but Dexters would quickly cut through the thistles, nettles and brambles. The Red Poll, too, is pretty small. It’s also derived from Suffolk and Norfolk stock, making it an ideal breed for our smallholding in terms of keeping local varieties. And, though some Highland Cattle are large, there were numerous teeny cows at the show too; making me think that I could definitely make hubby’s dream of a Highland Cow come true.

Some of the gorgeous Highland Cattle at the Suffolk Show

A beautiful Hereford. After seeing their size, I don’t think they’re the ‘starter cows’ for us!

Red Polls, originally derived from Suffolk and Norfolk stock, are also a manageable size cow.


Of course, as well as cows I’m still in love with sheep and goats; particularly the latter from which we can get milk as well as wool and meat.

Look at those ears!!! 😀

Goats can offer meat, wool AND milk.

Brimwood Farm won’t be a real farm without some sheep!

Overall, it was a fantastic day for keeping the smallholding dream burning brightly. The only problem now is that I WANT COWS NOW!

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