Friday Finds – 19/09/14

Today it’s my sister’s birthday – Happy Birthday! However, I’ve still managed to find time to hunt out a few interesting tidbits on the great interweb this week. 😉

BlackBlack Tomatoes

If you follow any gardening feeds, you might’ve noticed a lot of noise in 2014 about this new black tomato variety. Okay, yes, it doesn’t sound that appetising, but I can assure you it tastes wonderful and gives some talking point to your vege patch, veranda or wherever else you’re growing it. Sutton Seeds now have this variety on sale, with six seeds for £3.49. Alternatively, you could wait until next June and buy three plug plants for £6.99.

In addition to the black tomato, they’ve also released a tomato ‘artisan bumblee bee mix‘. These cherry tomatoes are sure to be a conversation starter as they’re purple, pink or golden-yellow in colour.


EMSImage12094-600-600Glowing Lavender

I know I gave you a lavender find last week, but I’ve stumbled across a gorgeous ‘glowing’ lavender at GardeningExpress. Platinum blonde has the traditional soft grey leaves of lavender, but it’s growing tips are creamy-gold, making it look as if it’s got a glowing halo. It looks like a wonderful plant, and they attest to the fact it has fabulous scent as well. Currently, they’ve got a price reduction so you can get three plants for £14.99 instead of £49.99. Why so expensive?  Because it’s a fairly new and exclusive award winning plant.




craftyCrafty Garden Ideas

If you’re a fan of my Facebook page, you’ll know I regularly update with quirky and fun DIY projects for the garden. Now, Sainsbury’s Bank have produced a cute ‘Crafty Garden Idea’s’  guide. Within its pages are watering tips, a simple bird-feeder idea and ways to keep your mint growing healthily.

You can find it HERE, and your browser will open the PDF. From there, read, download and print off at your leisure.



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