Friday Finds – 26/09/14

It’s Friday again, and that means one thing; Friday Finds. Here are some goodies from the Internet, savings some pennies on you way towards that fabulous garden!

modern art100 Free Alliums

For a small P&P charge of £3.99, Simply Seeds and Plants are giving away 100 bulbs of this stunning allium; ‘Modern Art’. These are dramatic bulbs that will make a real sculptural showstopper in your garden, so what’s not to love? Also, if you get lured in by the rest of the plants on the site, you can get an additional 5% off..good eh?






paperwhitePerfect Narcissus Christmas Gifts

I HATE to mention Christmas, but there it is, it’s too late. To get the best deals on gifts, it’s a good idea to shop early, especially if you want to try your hand at forcing bulbs before the 25th so you’ve got beautiful blooms to deliver to friends and family. Sarah Raven has narcissus paperwhites for sale, at five bulbs for £4.50. That might seem expensive, but I assure you, these plants are worth it. Plant up in a vase with gravel and water, force to grow and they make fantastic, fragrant gifts.





jamFree delivery on harvesting products

You may have seen a few weeks back, that I turned my attention to homemade hedgerow jelly. I ‘borrowed’ my beloved godmother’s jam bag, and it was exactly what I needed. Luckily, Selections now have free delivery on their reduced price jamming kit (£8.49, down from £9.99) as well as a load of other things. If you want to get ready for next year, or are looking some great gifts, it’s the perfect place to head to.




rafflesSave £8 on Fragrant Daffodils

Lastly, whilst Sarah Raven’s has paperwhites for sales, Thompson and Morgan have an offer on their beautiful daffodil ‘raffles’. This is a small variety of narcissus with curly petals and a sweet fragrance. It’s still the perfect time for bulb planting, and you can grab 20 bulbs for £17.98, down from £25.98 to make your spring garden not only look fabulous, but smell great too.

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