Monday Magic – Enjoying those Winter Frosts

For us gardeners, it can be rather easy to huddle away inside with a cup of tea and a seed catalogue whilst completely forgetting about outside. But…there is a lot of beauty in those winter frosts, and it’s the cold, crisp weather that’s taken my focus for Monday Magic this week.

There are all manner of positive things that a good spot of cold weather does. Firstly, it kills the bugs. In winter 2016 I didn’t get a hard frost AT ALL here. It mean that I had so many pests last year (slugs, snails, aphids) that it was darn hard to keep on top of them. A good, prolonged dose of cold helps reduce these critter numbers, getting the year off to a good start.

Meanwhile, the cold also helps to break down the top layers of soil; especially good if you’ve thrown down a load of manure. Frosts and snow will crack this into smaller pieces, more readily incorporated with the soil when warmer weather arrives. It also means all that mud gets frozen and it looks pretty too. Finally, some foods even taste¬†better once they’ve been frosted a little; chard, spinach and kale, for example.

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