On My Oasis – Houseplants and Hibiscus

I need to come clean – gardening has been rather lacking this week. Work’s been busy and I’ve been obsessed with one thing – Rightmove. It’s taken us ages to get prepared; visas needed applying for, deposits needed saving, and locations had to be found. Now, we’re ready to go and what happens? There’s NOTHING on the market. I was hoping that once the kids went back to school, properties would start to appear, but my hopes have not yet materialised.  Of the very few homes available, the only one that was a slight contestant had a tiny garden so that was instantly wiped off the page. I mean, where the hell would I put all my plants? My aviary? My chickens? And the conservatory we want to build? I hate waiting, yet that’s all there is to do.

Hibiscus watch; red or orange?

Hibiscus watch; red or orange?

Talk of a conservatory has got me quite excited. I’ve never been very good with houseplants. I tend to forget they’re there and need watering. My windowsills are so crammed with seedlings for outside that indoor plants get relegated to shady corners and thus begin to die. However, having bought my husband a hibiscus for our anniversary – and with Rightmove constantly in the back of my mind – my thoughts have turned to conservatories. An aged friend recently died, and I remember from childhood that she had a glorious conservatory. It always smelled of peat, and even at Christmas, there was a tropical feeling. It was filled with begonias and ferns, and she used sand covered with Mind Your Own Business to keep the moisture in. Now I can’t stop hoping to find somewhere we can add a conservatory too so I can recreate that oasis, with the hibiscus, perhaps a bougainvillea or two, and some other tropical species. I’m sure my houseplant skills WILL get better – they’ll have too.


I have finally managed to get a Japanese anemone to take.

I have finally managed to get a Japanese anemone to take.

Outside, life goes on pretty much as normal. I’ve neglected the osteospermum rather too much this year, and the majority of stems have withered away. Luckily this is a plant that’s easy to propagate and there’s a few green bits left so I’ve snipped them off and pushed them into compost with the hope they’ll take. Failing that, I’ll have to reclaim some from clients I’ve passed plants out to over the years. However, I HAVE been pleased that my Japanese anemone root seems to have survived. These plants hate being moved, and after I took this side shoot from a friend’s garden, it pretty much died. I’ve just been watering and I discovered new leaves! Hoorah!

Hopefully there’ll be a chance for gardening this week. Have you got gardening plans? Let me know!

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