On My Oasis – Potting On and Splitting Up

It’s September. How the hell did that happen? Last time I looked around, April showers had descended. Now, somehow, we’ve bypassed summer and autumn’s here. And, here it is. There’s a distinct chill in the air, the rain’s no longer that warm quenching drink and, certainly in Epping forest at least, the leaves are starting to drop.

Echinacea Double Scoop Cranberry

Echinacea Double Scoop Cranberry has been performing well


Something continuing to do rather well in my garden are the Echinacea ‘Double Scoop Cranberry’ plants I acquired from Plant Me Now earlier this year. They arrived as little plug plants and I’ve grown all three on in pots. My garden’s a little slug infested, so there was no way they’d have survived in the border. I didn’t really expect much from them in their first year, but I’ve been delighted in both the show of flowers and the additional foliage growth they’ve had. I’m looking forward to BIG things next year!

I tend to leave a few old heads on to offer some winter sculptural interest.

I tend to leave a few old heads on to offer some winter sculptural interest.

However, whilst they did well, the delphiniums I also got haven’t been quite as lucky – not because of their source, but because of the neglect (*slaps wrist* – naughty me). Whilst I kept an eye on the Echinacea, the slugs did get to the delphi’s a bit. But, they’re all still alive and I potted them on today, raising them away from the ground too – so, with a little luck, they’ll keep surviving and I can enjoy them in 2015.

I’ve finally released the Echium and Phormium from each others embrace

Aside from my little herbaceous plants, I’ve also been thrilled to note the survival of my Echium and Phormium. The former was the last of four plants I grew few seed a couple of years ago. Again, neglect took its toll rather, but this specimen has struggled onwards; even despite being covered in snow during winter 2012/13. As a gardener for other people, I often acquire snippets and
seedlings; and that’s just how the phormium came into my hands. I didn’t have a pot to put it in so threw it in with the Echium – two years later they’re still growing around each other. Oops (*slaps wrists again*). Today has been their day of release from one another’s roots and they’ve got their own pots at last! I expect they’ll be far happier – though I may have put the nail in the coffin by saying that – they’ll probably both be dead when I next report!!

For now, I have lots more potting up to do, as well as vast amounts of pot washing so i’ve got a tonne of vessels ready for moving time. In the meantime, be sure to enter the competition and get a chance to win that timber cold frame. 😀


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