On My Oasis – Return of the Mud

You know, I sometimes feel that all I do is talk about the weather, and not necessarily in a positive light. This weekend has been GRIM. Rain, grey winter has truly arrived on UK shores, and as the fog and dampness flows up The Thames, I’m getting hit with some unwelcome weather. Of course, it’s all rather good for the garden – the plants love all this extra moisture. But it is NOT good for the chickens who don’t want to be damp, and it is definitely not good for mud. Damn. There’s lots of that stuff, and where livestock’s concerned it’s normally mud mixed with poop which is even worse than plain old dirty mud.

Things have quietened down on the growing front. All the bulbs are in. All the tender veggies have finished. Even the dahlias, though not frosted off, have become to look sad and tired. The cornus – much to my delight – is dropping its leaves and revealing those bright red stems; in the spring I need to chop back to ground level again to get new growth and brighter colours next year.

I am, however, still growing – Pak Choi, Winter Density and Arctic lettuce are all germinating and there’s still enough light in the day to get them going. But mostly, I’m planning for next year; the chickens, the market garden, the vegetables, the borders. Planning, organising, listing, drawing, planning. My main focus at the moment is finding customers. I have some egg customers already who I hope to upsell vegetables too. And when I have the Ixworth flock established, I can sell hatching eggs online. However, for the main veggie enterprise, I need to find outlets. It won’t be a large enough enterprise to start a CSA (Customer Supported Agriculture) <- plus these aren’t very common in the UK. There also aren’t any immediate Farmers’ Markets here so I need to research the nearest verses the most profitable; i.e. has local shoppers willing to spend more than they would their local Aldi. But the silverlining here is that it’s winter, and winter is the best time to be sorting this all out!

Finally, here’s Monday Magic. Look how the chicks have grown!

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