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On My Oasis – Ready, Steady Film

You may have noticed over the past few weeks that I’ve posted videos here instead of the rambling written posts. Why? Because I’m moving more into video stream via my Brimwood Farm YouTube channel (see that red button on the right of your screen? Click it and subscribe). 

But why am I moving into video?

Well, it’s far easier to show updates on the garden, plants, chickens… Continue reading

On My Oasis – A Week of Calm

I don’t know why because, man, if there’s one season that’s busy it’s autumn, but the past week has been relatively calm. I suppose this time of year signals a change in growth patterns; in fact, most things are slowing or dying off. And so the garden takes on this gentile approach instead of the full-throttle approach of spring and summer.

There’s time to enjoy deadheading without the need to… Continue reading

On My Oasis – Hello Autumn

Okay, it seems now that autumn really has arrived with glistening dew, crisp mornings and a weakening sunshine that’s still got just enough strength to allow me to wear shorts. Alas, having to shut the chicken coop up before 7pm is getting a little depressing though – I’ll be happy when the hour change arrives and the poultry get a little more outside action.

In the garden, there’s still … Continue reading

On My Oasis – New Plants

You’ll have heard me say this time and time again; I’m a plant hoarder. I just love pretty things. Fluffy flowers. Leaves that are a tapestry of veins. Tiny plants, squat plants, giant, towering, soaring plants. Buy them, plant them, squish them in wherever there’s a space. I’ve long given up trying to achieve that ‘designed’ look with a small palette of both colour and planting. I try to… Continue reading

How to Prune Lavender

If you’re anything like me, especially if you’re only starting out, you’re a little cautious when it comes to pruning. I mean, you don’t want to chop too much off in case you kill your beloved plant. So, when it comes to lavender plants, it’s worthwhile following the guidelines. However, I quickly realised that my careful snipping meant plants were gradually getting larger, leggier and woodier in the core.… Continue reading

On My Oasis – Winter Planning

I know it’s only September, but I’m already thinking about winter. At this time of the year, the weather turns rather turbulent; it can be hot and humid one day and then – BAM – the next morning it’s grey drizzle as far as the horizon. It’s also a time when I find it hard to hold off the urge to cut back. There’s something rather satisfying about clearing out… Continue reading

How to Take Buddleia Cuttings

I’m a huge fan of propagation; there’s not many hobbies where you can cut up your collection and they’ll grow into brand new, shiny things. I mean, c’mon! Cool!

On the farm I have a plan of creating a buddleia (butterfly bush) grove. It means you’ll be able to walk through this little collection of shrubs covered in white flowers and butterflies, and then emerge into the wildflower field.… Continue reading

Boxtree Caterpillar – Is This the End for Traditional Box Topiary?

Box topiary has a special place in the hearts of many gardeners. It’s been used to create elaborate landscapes for centuries. For many modern gardeners, there’s something exciting and alluring about having some closely clipped box topiary in the garden, whether it’s a couple of standard spirals to frame the front door, a low box hedge or even an intricate knot garden. A few years ago we all began battling… Continue reading

Interview With Garden Life

Earlier this week I talked to Garden Life about my gardening roots, working with small spaces and home-grown sustainability, both with veggies and chickens. It’s amazing how you can just take all your gardening for granted, and it’s not until someone asks questions that you begin to realise just how much you’re doing!

Check out the interview here -> Chatting With the Guide to Gay Gardening

Have a great weekend,… Continue reading

Sowing Hardy Annuals – Larkspur and Cornflower

I have to admit; this year’s been a bit of a bust regarding the cutting down. I severely underestimated the state of the soil in this new garden, and probably forgot just how much material I added to my old one. I was there for 10 years after all; over that time I must’ve added LOTS of compost.

So, in a bid to improve the cutting garden for 2017, I’m… Continue reading

Wildflower Meadows – A Maturing Field

If you’ve been following any of the progress at Brimwood Farm, you’ll know that last spring I conducted a crowdfunding project to pay for seed to sow a wildflower meadow. Now in it’s second autumn, the field is beginning to mature. And, rather wonderfully, it’s doing it’s intended job in attracting a large amount of wildlife.

With 40 acres of land to one day turn into a… Continue reading

On My Oasis – A Taste of Autumn

Yes, I dared to say it, that hideous word – autumn. In fact, I like autumn. Whenever I’m asked about my favourite season I have difficulty choosing. I think it’s because I’m a fan of the changing season, the start of something new, rather than one particular set of months. Now, as August rolls towards September, there’s a little dew in the mornings even if it hasn’t rained. The… Continue reading

On My Oasis – Harvesting Beets & a Fondness for Fushias

It seems incredible that it’s already August. How did that happen? It seems like yesterday I was constructing the raised beds and now they’ve gone through a season of growing and I’m already sowing my second lot of successional crops! It’s been all go here over the past few weeks – hence the lack of updates. Firstly, a HUGE thanks to those who’ve subscribed to my Brimwood Farm YouTube… Continue reading

On My Oasis – Purple Roosters and Dancing Dahlias

Heeeeeeeaaaatwave. Cor blimey, gov’ner, bit hot ain’t it.

Once again, this is why us Brits are notorious for our weather ramblings; it’s because it’s so changeable. Last week it was monsoons, storms and lashing rain. Now, I’m sat in next-to-nothing with a fan (though, it’s actually pointed at the dogs) and trying to survive the sweltering heat. I do like it in the evenings though; perfect for watering… Continue reading

On My Oasis – A Turbulent Season

You know, there’s a reason us Brits are renowned for talking about the weather; it’s because it’s so bloody changeable! June was soooooo wet with a few rogue days of sun. This past weekend gave the hope of a summery spell in July and then, today….raaaaaaain again. It’s not good for my mood, my bank balance or my livestock.

The Kitchen Garden

In the vegetable patch there’s been highs and… Continue reading


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