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Plant Pick – Growing Geums

It took me a while to fall in love with geums. There are several species which are native to the UK, and seeing them as a garden plant played havoc with my brain as I contemplated whether I believed it to be a weed or not. However, having visited the RHS Greener Gardening Show a couple of years ago and buying a couple of Marmalade geums, I fell in love.… Continue reading

Plant Pick – Japanese Spiraea

In the autumn, gardens may be looking a little bit bare and unfriendly. If you’ve taken note over the growing months of where you have gaps, it is the ideal time to put in some new shrubs. These will bound into life when the warming spring months arrive, filling those border vacancies so that next year your garden looks even fuller and more vibrant than it has ever done.

If… Continue reading

Plant Pick – Erysimum ‘Bowles’ Mauve

I always feel that some plants get a bad rep.


Maybe it’s just me, but Erysimum doesn’t always seem that ‘cool‘ when compared to the decadent blooms of lilies and roses, the structural delights of alliums and eryngiums or the beautiful foliage of ferns and heucheras. Like many plants, it’s not a specimen for all gardens and it certainly has more of a cottage garden appeal than… Continue reading

Plant Pick – Callicarpa

Many believe that, as the autumn rids the trees of leaves, the herbaceous borders of plants and signals the approach of winter, the garden fades out of existence. However, this is a time of great change in the garden and one which you can fill with glorious colour if you carefully selected specimens to add some vivacity to the bland tones of the colder months. And if you want an… Continue reading

Plant Pick – Stachys byzantina (Lambs Ears)

In the summer months one of my favourite plants to enjoy is Stachys byzantina, otherwise known as ‘Lambs Ears’. This wonderful silver leafed plant is fantastic throughout the year for the border due to is highly touchable and furry leaves in the shape of, you’ve guessed it, lambs ears. However, as the summer sun reaches high into the sky you’ll find that this wonderful plant puts furry columns into the… Continue reading

Plant Pick – Foxgloves (Digitalis)

In my mind, not enough people appreciate the humble foxglove. This beautiful and native species to the Europe is an absolutely fantastic variety in the plant world, offering great flutes of flowers which will be loved by insects, especially bees. Their impressive height offers great architectural appeal for gardeners trying to create some drama in borders, and they will grow and flower in most settings as long as they are… Continue reading

Plant Pick – Hellebore

Hellebore’s are one of my favourite plants for bringing that all important splash of colour through the winter months. Whilst early bulbs spring out of the earth with glints of vibrancy, it is hellebores that really offer gorgeous petals of winter hues. White, pink, green, or even dark black, hellebore’s come in a range of fantastic specimens ideal for any setting. And whilst most of the garden will be covered… Continue reading

Plant Pick – Alliums

When it comes to Alliums I’m just a bit of a fan. There are too many individual and amazing varieties to talk of separately, but it’s my personal belief that every garden should have a least one group of Alliums to throw some springtime fireworks into the mix. Gladiator rises into the air by up to four foot, offering an explosion of purple flowers towering into the sky. Mount Everest… Continue reading

Plant Pick – Ophiopogon

A plant that I have loved for many years but not been able to get my hands on is the beautiful Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’, otherwise known as Lilyturf. I’ve been completley enamoured by this wonderful specimen this winter, after buying two large plants at a the Suffolk Giant Plant and Shrub Sale and splitting them down into a large number of smaller indiviudals. At first look this brilliant… Continue reading

Plant Pick – Marigold

When the word Marigold is mentioned, your mind very quickly either thinks of cheesy and old fashioned council flower beds, or getting to work scrubbing the kitchen. And whilst the latter is one of my worst phobia’s, the blousy french marigolds synonymous with hanging baskets, council estates, and tiredly designed council flowerbeds, fill me with dread. But the simple marigold, with is vast array of species, can be used to… Continue reading

Plant Pick – Sarracenia

I’ve decided to start a new thread, mostly just to indulge myself in my favourite plants. I often wander around the garden and notice sculpted leaves, vivid blooms or simply stunning individuals of horticultural greatness that should be shared and talked about and at this time of year there are no end of conversation starters. It may be as simple as a wonderful rose species that provides multiple blooms or… Continue reading


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