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A Chicken Coop for all Occasions

For the past few years, my hens have been housed in a stationary run; once home to my aviary birds, it became a make-shift coop when I was desperate to start keeping chooks. Knowing I was soon moving and that I wanted to return to the flight back to my finches, I started looking for a decent yet affordable coop. If you’re anything like me, you see an Eglu, breathe… Continue reading

Protect Plants from Pet Dogs AND Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

It’s one of my favourite times of year – spring. At this time of year I’m not only excited to see plants emerging from the soil after they’ve had their yearly hibernation, but also to get growing. Sowing is one of nature’s constant miracles; scatter some miniscule seeds into a clod of earth and later, sometimes only days, life appears. It’s just amazing.

However, if you’re like me and are… Continue reading

Weed-Free Gardening with Straw Bales

I have a confession to make; growing your own food isn’t as easy as everyone (including myself) has made out. I mean, it can be simple if you’ve got the time to dedicate to it. If you know that, three months on from now, life isn’t going to get in the way. If you can guarantee yourself a life change so there’s time to look after all… Continue reading

A History of Summerhouses

You’re probably all bored to death of me going on about how I’m moving. But, for anyone who has bought a house, you know how it completely takes over your life! One of the good things about the house hunt, is the excitement of what’s to come. And that, for me, is all about new gardens and SHOPPING! I’ve been looking a lot at chicken coops, but also summer houses… Continue reading

WIN a Makita Rotary Hammer Drill worth £90

It’s a new month so what does that mean….? A NEW GIVEAWAY. For November, I’ve got a fantastic Makita Rotary Hammer Drill to give to one lucky reader, courtesy of the folks at Anglia Tool Centre. The colder months are the ideal time to do a little DIY work in the garden when the plants don’t need so much care. You might need to repair the shed to prevent… Continue reading

On My Oasis – Scented Plants and New Reads

A quick and easy windowbox thanks to an old Hi-Fi speaker

Sometimes, the weather’s so foul that getting out in the garden isn’t really possible. I don’t mind the deep winter; crackling ice, deep frosts, the opportunity to work up some heat amidst the snowy garden by clearing and cutting back. However, constant rain is not very conducive to work. Though grey outside there’s some colour in the bleakness –… Continue reading

WIN a beautiful timber cold frame

I know that it’s only August, but as I’ve mentioned before, gardening’s a constantly changing pastime and, therefore, we already need to be thinking about winter. This means that as well as thinking about planting to bring colour and interest to your garden during the dimsal months, we also need to consider how to look after plants which aren’t as hardy.

With this in mind, I’ve got a beautiful timber… Continue reading

Easyart; Botanical Illustrations Review

As much as I like gardening outdoors, I have to be rather realistic; I live in Britain and there are going to many days when it’s pouring. It’s on days like those that it’s rather nice to have something a little horticultural inside. However, I’m not very good with house-plants. I’m terrible at remembering to water them, and anything more than the odd succulents or drought tolerant butterfly palm, tends… Continue reading

Backyard Blueprints – A Book Review

Spring has certainly come to London over the past few days. There really is nothing quite like a little bit of sunshine to lift the mood. I finally managed to get back out into the garden and discovered that what I thought was a slightly overgrown patch of ivy was actually a thriving mass of plant which had begun to attack my home. Spring bulbs, pulmonaria and hellebores are all… Continue reading

New Plant Aquisitions

How I love new plants. In all honesty, over the past few years I’ve restrained myself from buying many new specimens for the garden. Firstly because there’s very little room with what I’ve already crammed in. Secondly because I’m probably moving in the next couple of years and already have FAR TOO many plants that I’ll be taking with me. However, when Notcutts gave me the opportunity to have a… Continue reading

RHS Chelsea Flower Show – A Centenary Celebration

Can you quite believe that Chelsea starts tomorrow? I mean, I know it’s May, but still! I suppose the late start to the year has started me off on the wrong foot rather and I can’t believe that the worlds biggest and best (in my opinion) flower show has already begun for those folk lucky enough to get a PR pass – or be in the royal family. 😉

Due… Continue reading

Guest Blog – 5 things to buy for you garden this spring

This week I’ve got a guest post written by freelancer Steve Nelson. Steve enjoys spending time in the outdoors, gardening and cooking in his spare time. The weather’s finally starting to warm up, and so if you’re in the mood for some shopping, then he’s got some great gardening ideas.


With the spring season under way and warmer months ahead, now is a wonderful time for gardeners and outdoor… Continue reading

Bosch Garden Saw review

When it comes to gardening equipment,  I’m a ‘I’ll make do’ kinda chap. Of course, there are must-have’s such as lawnmowers, spades and secateurs, but all these modern cons – such as the Bosch Garden Saw – are products that I wouldn’t actually think twice about buying. Especially when it comes to sawing, drilling and construction, I suppose I’m a bit of a backwards thinking male who thinks… Continue reading

Kitchen Garden Estate with Helene Gammack

As a child, my visits to National Trust properties were numerous. Though much time was spent tirelessly moving from room to rope cordoned room, I have to say that I was only really happy when exploring the gardens of stately homes and estates. As a teenager I became an obstreperous young thing, and obstinately refused to even get out of the car at National Trust properties, instead being left… Continue reading

Ways to get a great looking garden

The main reason for having a well-maintained and attractive garden is that it provides you with your own natural space in which you can relax, unwind, and recover your energies in our increasingly busy, complex, and demanding world. Admittedly, it does take time and effort to keep your garden well maintained, but if you follow a few basic guidelines you should find that your garden repays the effort you invest… Continue reading


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