Grow a Gourmet Meal in a Pot

One thing I’ve been trying to do in the new house is to grow a lot more of our food. With the allotment gone, I have to rely on what I can plant out back – actually, I’m finding it far easier to potter around than head to the allotment and get working. I’m growing a lot more of what we actually eat – onions, tomatoes, spinach, beans…that sort of thing. So, when ‘The one-pot gourmet gardener‘ landed on my doorstep, I was very inspired.

IMG_4727I absolutely adore this book; it’s fresh, new and something I haven’t seen before. Instead of leafing through it’s pages and being inspired by the odd image or passage, there’s actionable content. It’s all in the name – one pot. Cinead Mcternan’s collected together some scrumptious recipes that can be home-grown and, even better, placed in one container. Thus, you can fill your balcony with a selection of pots that, with a few snips, can rustle up soups, appetizers and even drinks! For example, how about a rainbow chard pesto for dinner? Page 85 – 87 has an overview, grow me guide and recipe to make life simple. And for dessert? Well, a lemon verbena, rose geranium and thyme posset of course! I have to say, I did try this and it’s delicious.

I really think this book is a winner, and its perfect for many modern growers; people who don’t have a lot of time or space but want to harvest something from their own oasis. Grow a few pots, or try everything. Indulge in desserts, or create a collection of containers for appetizers, soups, drinks and main meals. There’s something for everyone, regardless of space of budget, so I encourage you to enjoy this delight!

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