New Seeds

It’s THAT time of the year. You know what I mean….you arrive home from work. It’s dark. It’s gloomy. But, ‘oh look’, there’s a huge stack of seed catalogues to snuggle up to. You warn yourself only to look, to order a couple of packets at most, but before you know it there are packets and boxes and envelopes of exciting seeds, bulbs and other goodies arriving at your door.

I’ve had my first – a Dobies delivery with a couple of essentials….but, I’ll admit, mostly luxuries. Man…new plants! Wahey!

A new seed delivery!

For the kitchen garden I picked up my favourite broad beans – Aquadulce ClaudiaThey’re reliable and you put them in before Christmas. I’ve always found these overwintering broad beans are more resistant to blackfly in the long run; a must-have feature. However, the warm winters recently have been a problem, allowing plants to grow and then get frost bitten later. I also ordered some Beetroot (Chioggia Pink). I’ve fallen for beets in a big way. For some reason I always thought they were hard to incorporate into meals – but they’re delicious. So LOTS more for 2017.

Meanwhile, I have cosmos, alchemilla and zinnias for the cutting garden. I also want to grow loads of marigolds and experiment with some wool/feather dying and making hand lotions etc. See the full list of seeds below:

Broad Bean – Aquadulce Claudia
Artichoke – Purple de Provence
Beetroot – Chioggia Pink
Cyclamen Hederifolium – Winter Cheer
Cosmos – Apollo White F1
Achillea – Noblessa
Alchemilla – Giant Molly
Wallflower – F1 Sunset Red
Calendula – Citrus Daisy Mixed
Calendula – Snow Princess
Zinnia – Illumination

I’m sure this won’t be the last delivery. The cyclamen have already been sown, and the broad beans will be to follow. Shame I have to wait until next year for the rest….

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