The Market Gardener – A Veggie Book with Real Punch

Finally, a veggie growing book that has some real punch. Jam packed with real data and incredibly useful charts, The Market Gardner is a book that you really shouldn’t miss, especially if you want to monetize your home-grown harvests.

IMG_8011I love a good gardening book, and can happily sit and indulge in pretty pictures and descriptive horticultural passages whilst sipping a steaming mug of tea. However, you’ll rarely find me so glued to a book that I can’t tear my eyes away from it…unless, that is, I’m reading Jean-Martin Fortier’s tremendous market farming bible.

I first discover this book by complete accident whilst browsing the articles at MNN. That ‘How to make $140,000 a year farming on 1.5 acres‘ title sure caught my eye, after all, we have acres of Suffolk farmland waiting in our distant future. Whilst you might be happy to grow some backyard veggies for your family, if you want to actually turn growing and self-sufficiency into a career, you’ve got to be able to earn some real, hard dosh from it. When stumbling upon that article, I didn’t realise just how engaging and important this book was to become.

I’ve read it from cover to cover, and then some. Whilst there are a lot of basics, they’re described and outlined in such a way that it’s quite nice just to read and have a little refresher. When it comes to the growing, planting and planning aspects of this book, it’s invaluable. Whilst so many other books say ‘you could do this,’ and ‘you might try this‘, The Market Gardener gives you tables of data – like this expected productivity chart for a 100 yard raised bed, for example (see below).


It’s data like this that is SO important when you’re starting out in a bid to sell veggies, either locally, at Farmers Markets or beyond. Get things wrong, and you can lose an entire season. That’s an expensive mistake. By following Jean-Martin’s guidelines, there’s a real chance to see instant success, grow the right things (of course you’ll need to do some local research too) and pack as much planting into as small as space as possible. That’s another huge benefit of this book too; everything is scalable. After all, most people don’t have 1.5 acres. But many people have a standard back garden, or might be able to rent a small plot of land close to home. Using the same structure as Jean-Martin, you can create a simpler, smaller market gardener and expand as necessary.

I truly recommend this book, not only for the great read, but the way in which it can change your way of thinking about growing veggies and making money from them. You’ve only got to take a look at the reviews at Amazon UK and US to know you’re onto a winner.

Enjoy! I did…and I’m re-reading ahead of this growing season. 😀

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