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Garden Design Solutions – Inspiration in Manageable Chunks

When you walk the aisles at the Chelsea Flower Show, or stroll around the sprawling and manicured estates of National Trust homes, it’s hard to imagine how such magnificence could make it into your garden. I know myself that breaking down inspiration into manageable chunks to try at home can be hard. And it’s very rare that any amateur gardener can sit down and say to themselves, ‘Right. I’m… Continue reading

Four ways to create a stylish garden

RHS Chelsea’s long gone, disappearing with the blink of an eye to make way for the summer and the plethora of other shows on the horizon. However, for many of us, the inspiration of those chic garden oases remain, along with that questions – ‘How do I get a garden like that?‘. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the money or access to an acclaimed designer to recreate… Continue reading

On My Oasis – Sheds and Structure

I started work on the garden a week ago, mainly because the shed was ordered so I needed some form of footing to place it on. As luck would have it (or Sod’s law; whichever’s more apt), today was, possibly, one of the windiest so far. The shed arrived, the panels were lifting off the lorry as the ties were removed, and one of the windows flew into the air… Continue reading

Don’t Forget Furniture in Garden Design

If you’re anything like me, a crazy plantsman, then your garden will be pretty much rammed with every plant you’ve ever been able to get your hands on. I collect plants as I garden, I pop them in wherever there’s space, and every few years I try to bring a bit more of a designed appearance to my garden sprawl by overhauling beds and borders. But, away from the prestigious… Continue reading

Autumnal Inspirations

Change is upon us and its come more dramatically than ever. August has ended, the eddies of Summer are losing their strength and suddenly autumn seems to be looming tantalisingly close. Drought dried leaves swirl to the ground, the Horse Chesnut’s miner moth mottled greenery, now dessicated and brown, scatters in the blustery winds, rustling under foot as it rolls along the pavement. Heavens have opened bringing much needed, but… Continue reading


I'm Geoff, and I'm a plant hoarder.

Like magpies collect bright shiny things, I can't resist plants. An exquisite flower, soft ferny foliage or a beautiful majestic tree - I love them all!

Here, I'll indulge in all things flora and share my passion. Join me as I develop my garden and hoard more plants without apology.