The Joy of Geraniums

Perennial geraniums are a fabulous plant. I mentioned ‘perennial‘ because the misnomer that pelagoniums are geraniums continues, led by garden centres and nurseries around the country. In fact, both of these plants are perennial. Pelagoniums, though not frost hardy, will quite happily develop into a small shrub given the chance. Meanwhile, my favourite geraniums, and those I’m talking about here, are a herbacious perennial that will die… Continue reading

Summer geraniums

I love this time of year in the garden. Far from being the dry wasteland that early 2012 predicted, abundant rain means that plants are thriving. Once again, my garden has burst in vibrant life, with oriental poppies, lupins and iris putting up flower stems. The winds have caused some damage, but I’ve managed to tie everything in so that snapped stalks were minimal.

After the beautiful geums… Continue reading

Take A Rainy Day to Plan

Rain is coming down, alternating from hard uncontrollable onslaughts, to soft falling sheets of wet mist. It’s much needed. For all that we haven’t had the glorious summer than was intended, rainfall has been sporadic at most and I have all but given up mowing clients lawns due to the barren and dusty tundra that was largely imminent. Blades turning a dead brown, ant hills rising out of the scorched… Continue reading


I'm Geoff, and I'm a plant hoarder.

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