growing salads

Growing Cut-And-Come-Again Salads for Year Round Harvests

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit crap at successional sowing. I get all excited in early spring and sow things with gusto. Then the soil gets really warm, the heavens open and weeds start to thrive and, as a result, I get so distracted I forget to keep sowing. But if you want a continuous harvest of things like salad, carrots and even beans, it’s a good idea to repeat… Continue reading

52 Week Salad Challenge – Homegrown Food

I am no cook, but I do like some scrambled eggs after a work out. There’s nothing quite like popping down to the coop to gather some freshly laid hen-fruit; you don’t have to spend a penny. Now, with the 52 Week Salad Challenge, I also have the means to indulge in a little side portion of greenery.

The amazing thing is though, you don’t even need a garden… Continue reading


I'm Geoff, and I'm a plant hoarder.

Like magpies collect bright shiny things, I can't resist plants. An exquisite flower, soft ferny foliage or a beautiful majestic tree - I love them all!

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