market garden

On My Oasis – Return of the Mud

You know, I sometimes feel that all I do is talk about the weather, and not necessarily in a positive light. This weekend has been GRIM. Rain, grey winter has truly arrived on UK shores, and as the fog and dampness flows up The Thames, I’m getting hit with some unwelcome weather. Of course, it’s all rather good for the garden – the plants love all this extra moisture. But… Continue reading

On My Oasis – Veggie Progress and Chicken Auctions

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the UK’s year-in-a-week! Gales, monsoons, baking heat and frosts in severn days. Mother Nature better have got it out of her system because I want to get on with gardening! Rain and sun I’m all for; that results in proliferate growth. Frosts when the greenhouse and sun room are filled with young plants? No thanks!

Despite those few cold nights, life on my oasis… Continue reading

How to Plan a Market Farm Garden – My First Year

When it comes to seeds, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop; ‘Ooh, I like that one‘, ‘Some of those‘, and ‘That one’s pretty‘. It’s an ad-hoc buying process that’s based on lust rather than sense. My planning and management on the allotment I formerly shared with my godmother wasn’t much better. I always tended to grow what everyone else was – that… Continue reading


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