Budget Gardening – 9 Ways to Recycle Common Household Items

I’ve always been one for recycling wherever possible, and I work hard to reduce our weekly waste output. Buying a house and doing some heavy renovation work meant not only being short on cash for the garden, but also having a HUGE amount of trash. However, whilst some might’ve shoved it in a skip, I’ve re-used as much as possible. So, if you’re looking to garden on a budget… Continue reading

Sowing Up

I can’t believe it’s May already! I’ve spent the last couple of days desperately trying to get my seeds going, seeds which I should have put in several weeks ago. Unforunately on my tiny little bit of suburban sprawl I don’t have room for a full furnished greenhouse, so it’s down to two mini greenhouses to accomplish the task. Actually, they are rather great and do the job just as… Continue reading

Gardening With Garbage

As the novice gardener gets their hands well and truly dirty, and begins to learn the wonderful art of gardening, it often quickly becomes apparent for the need to be green and to recycle. As knowledge and experience increases so to does the realisation that the amateur gardener can produce their own compost, can reuse broken pots for drainage, can find an endless amount of projects to recycle their garden… Continue reading


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