vertical gardening

How to Look After Strawberries

Strawberries are awesome plants; they’re simple to grow, fruit easily and propagate with little effort. The hardest part is probably keeping pests like slug and snails away from those yummy berries! If you want to maximise your crop, you need to do a little work at the end of the fruiting season. Older plants may need throwing out, debris needs to be cut and tidied away and the runners can… Continue reading

How to Grow Strawberries in Vertical Gardens

I know, I know; another vertical gardening post. But there’s a reason – it seriously works, especially if you want to boost your strawberry crops.

You know the story. You watch as strawberry plants burst into flower. The fruits set and your mouth begins to water as those berries begin to swell and take on their red tint. Then, you got to pick and – BAM – a… Continue reading

Vertical Gardening with Recycled Plastic Bottles

I’m a fan of recycling. I also have a love of thrifty gardening and trying new things. So, when I stumbled across a YouTube video by Willem van Cotthem talking about building a bottle tower garden to grow plants in, I was intrigued. Despite having a much larger garden since the move, I’ve still pretty much managed to fill it already. As a result, space is at a… Continue reading


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