wildflower meadow

On My Oasis – A Wildflower Meadow Success

In 2015 I opened an Indiegogo Project to fund the seeds for a 2.5 acre wildflower meadow. I didn’t make the target BUT, I did get near-on £500. It meant I was able to start the sowing process and get this little conservation project on its way.

To say there’ve been some difficulties is an understatement. The soil is heavy clay and has been left undulating due… Continue reading

On My Oasis – Focusing on Fields

First, some grim news. I had another break-in. Yes; that’s THREE in 10 days. And, rather than steal any birds, this evil scum smashed their way into the shed, pulled a nestbox from the aviary and squished the plucky male finch who was sat inside on his clutch of eggs. He, and the nest, were then just discarded and thrown to the floor.

Horrible. Just Horrible.

As you can… Continue reading

On My Oasis – 2015’s Here

I can’t quite believe 2015’s here already. However, I have to admit, I’m glad. 2014 was a great year but the last few months really ramped up the stress and I’m breathing a sigh of relief I can start the New Year with a clean slate and, it seems, some horticultural obsessiveness! In the first weekend of 2015 I spent the days watching ‘Big Dreams, Small Spaces‘; a… Continue reading


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