On My Oasis – Late to the Party

Why is it that my garden is always late to the party? I’m watching Gardners’ World (the new one hour revamped version) and Monty says a horrific word – September. How did we get there?! As you might’ve read MUCH earlier on in the year, I was attempting to set up a market garden this year. Well, the results have been somewhat dismal; mostly because my plants seem not to realise they have to get a bloody move along and grow. For instance, these are my tomatoes – or lack there of…

I only have TWO tomatoes. TWO!

My aubergines, whilst healthy plants, are nowhere near producing…

Good plants, but it’s too late for fruit now.

This is the first gourd flower…

There MIGHT (weather being good) just be enough time for a gourd or two.

Likewise, the peppers have been a complete failure. To be fair, this was the THIRD sowing as the first never germinated and the second got eviscerated by a hen. But this is what happened last year too; the plants only began producing flowers in September. That’s way too late for anything to ripen.

Complete failure with the peppers.

But it’s not only the vegetables, the ornamental garden follows suit. This Spanish Flag, which should be smothering the trellis, has only just started flowering. I have cosmos and nicotiana which is yet to develop flowering stems. Everything just seems WAY off.

This Spanish Flag should’ve swamped the trellising.

To be fair, I’m pretty sure the poor soil has something to do with it. This garden has hardly been worked since it was built in the 1930s. The soil is horrid. Luckily I now have a tonne of manure I can spread this winter and get some goodness in. Until now I’ve been using bags of bought-in compost and tomato feed. It hasn’t had enough effect, and coupled with the weeks of August sun and dryness, a lot of things have withered away.

So – take away message for next year? Sow EVERYTHING even earlier and enrich compost like a madman (not that I’ve not attempted this already).

How has your garden year been? Am I the only one to have failures? Let me know!

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