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Three Materials for Hard-Landscaping Your Garden

As plants recede ready for winter and the garden outside begins to fade, one thing that becomes all too apparent is hard-landscaping, or the lack thereof. Plant hoarding is in my nature, so I’m quick to grab new flowers and foliage at a regular rate. Thinking about the ongoing permanent structure of the garden, however, is something I have to constantly remind myself about. I think, partly, it’s because of… Continue reading

On My Oasis – Living and Landscaping

Good news – we’re officially moved in! I still have at least a car-load of plants at the other house, but we’re now in residence at the new house. It means the menagerie’s moved across now, including my lone chicken which – if you follow me on Twitter – you’ll know I almost died. For the first time in my life I also have a greenhouse now – Hoorah for… Continue reading

Guest Post – A Guide to Decorative Gravel Gardens

I have another guest post for you this week because life has got rather hectic – huge amounts of gardening, training for a half marathon and getting a new dog!! The post ties in extremely nicely with my ‘Three Tips for Watering During Summer Hot Spells‘; particularly if you’re thinking about getting rid of the lawn.

Author: Mark finch is a a dedicated part of the marketing… Continue reading


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